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Current Positions Available

Personal Assistant

Manage doctor’s appointments, personal affairs, groceries, cleaning and all that jazz. Who doesn’t love the idea of being a good little house husband to a powerful, on the go woman?

Grounds Keeper/Handyman

Everyone knows that I am good with my hands but sometimes I just don’t feel like doing sometime or maybe I don’t have time for it. That’s where you come in.

Film Maker/Videographer

Creating the scene is my strong suit, capturing it however.. Is a slightly different story. With your help, we will create a unique moment of intimacy and power exchange and share it with the world.

Film Editor/Clips Editor

If you are skilled at capturing moments you are also likely good at curating them as well. Turns out I am also in need of that.

Creative Writer/Clips Text Writer

Do you have a creative flair for writing erotic and steamy BDSM tales? Do you want to use those skills to help sell clips? Excellent! For bonus points, you also get copies of all the clips.

Clips Site Manager/Updater

Help manage my empire.. Push updates, write new alluring ads and upload all the new videos I’ve made.


Ruby Silver Cloud Session 3

Ruby Silver Cloud Session 3

Ruby Silver Cloud Session 3