Health & Dungeon Procedures

This is the least erotic page on this website but for those of you with any sort of immune compromising or health concerns this is the most important page here as this covers my health and safety practices, the personal beliefs and my personal history. Although I do not believe that anything I do puts anyone at personal risk, my knowledge of your needs may be limited so it is important that you be informed.

Personal Risk Profile

I am a mid 20’s healthy woman who is fully immunized, I do not travel and I regularly expose myself to trace amounts of bacteria (dirt) to boost my immune system and take lots of supplements to support my immune system. I do not have any history of transmutable disease, blood born or otherwise and I get tested about twice a year since I visit my GP for a hypermobility disorder regularly and it doesn’t hurt to be confident that I am healthy. I am the kind of person who has the best insurance available and often will run obscure tests that are covered out of curiosity. No harm, no foul. Right?


I bathe every day and brush my teeth about 120 minutes prior to an engagement. If I am concerned about any breath issues I will use mouth wash but I do not want to abrade my gums if there is any potential chance of close contact with anyone that close. I shower daily as well and apply coconut oil , I shave my legs the night before with an electric razor to avoid the risk of having any open cuts. The make up that I wear has small amounts of silicone in it which acts as a small barrier, as does my lipstick.

General Dungeon Procedures

I do not allow any bare skin on any porous furniture, my entire space has HEPA filters throughout, I clean my entire space (including all containers) post and regularly. Frequency and cleaning agents are all dependent on the surface. The biggest things to consider are maintaining a healthy bacterial field while also following bio-hazard cleaning guide-lines. I am very careful with my use of antibacterial cleansers because of the threat of MRSA but when it comes to biohazards, it is a must.

OSHA Guidelines