Current Travel Schedule

Rochester, NY- November 18-21
New York City, NY- November 21-22 (Potential)

Book Travel with Ruby

Interested in having me visit you? Want to book me for a shoot for your website? Fabulous! I love to see new places! Coordination can be a bit tricky so let’s make sure we categorize this correctly first by distance, that makes a difference in how we proceed.

For all booking requests I will request a deposit before arranging travel and depending on the trip in particular I may have a minimum booking required.

Pacific North West/Surrounding Areas

When it comes to locations that feasible to drive to (1-4 hours each way) I am happy to visit for minimal travel costs. For bookings, I will require a minimum booking time depending on my schedule and the distance traveled. For shoots, it is project dependent.

Trips Requiring Flights

If I am flying to you for the sole purpose of visiting you, I will expect you to tend to my travel costs. If I am traveling to you and also engaging in extra curricular activities, then I will consider you participating in part of my “tour” rather than requesting I travel to you. This changes the dynamic and the focus. If you want to have more of my undivided attention, then participating in a tour isn’t for you.