Do you long and crave to be controlled beyond our time together? Do you have a deep desire to feel my grip tightly around you even when I’m not around? Do you feel like you need to be put in your place with regard to your sexuality? Perhaps you aren’t deserving of having the agency over your own sexuality? Do you enjoy being teased and denied? Have you had girlfriends that were allowed to do anything they wanted with whoever but you weren’t and that was the fun part? Have you ever been cheated on and found that some part of you secretly enjoyed it?

If any of this resonates with you or excites you then chastity might be something you may want to play with or explore.

Chastity can be something you play with for a few minutes or for months on end. It can be extreme with no way out or it can be playful with many games and opportunities for release from your prison. The core concepts are that you are locked up with no contact and I hold the keys to your freedom. In some cases, you may hold your own keys if you decide to lock yourself up for me. (Boys who do this are generally very dedicated and very special. Generally they stay locked away in total chastity for months on end.)

For all wear your device should fit comfortably enough to not rub you raw or cause undue discomfort and in such circumstances it should be removed ASAP. Devices come in metal, silicone and hard plastic.

Chastity can be stand alone, as a method of denial, as a humiliation device to keep a subject in their place in cuckolding style female led relationships, as an aid to help feminize a sissy slave or as a torture device if your device is particularly cruel. As with everything, the only limits are really your imagination.

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