FREE Weekly Cam Shows Starting 8/10!

I’m pleased to announce that I will now be hosting FREE Femdom Cam Shows every week along side weekly updates to my clips store! If you’d like to get a sample of what my style is like and who I am, tune in for my show!

Donations for suggested and appreciated but not required.

My current Show Dates are as follows:

Saturday, August 10th starting at 6pm PST

This show has a confirmed guest; Cross Dressing Slave X. Slave X has an amazing capacity for fisting and for pain as well, the show is bound to be a blast and a great show for anyone into chastity, forced feminization, bondage, fisting and hair removal. 🙂

Friday, August 16th starting at 7pm PST

This show is a solo show starring me. Likely there will be demos, hypnosis, masturbation instructions, verbal degredation, tease and denial and so much more!  Please send suggestions, requests, comments, ect to [email protected]

Wednesday, August 21st starting at 5pm PST

This show does not currently have a guest. If you have suggestions or requests for activities, performances or guests, please send them to [email protected] 

Monday, August 26th starting at 12pm PST

This show has a confirmed guest; Sex Doll. She is a huge slut and an open hole for being used and abused. The resulting show is bound to be a humiliating and degrading experience for Sex Doll.

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