Now Accepting Applications to be in My Clips!

As some of you know, I have a clips store. I’m perpetually looking to add to it and I’ve decided to start accepting formal applications. (I have been offering discounts for sessions during which I acquire clips.)

If you’re interested in being in some clips of mine, please email the following information to my email address.

Model Application
Please attach 3-8 photos that show what you look like, Samples located beneath this application
Name:Desired Stage Name:Age:Gender:Birthdate:Email:Phone:Availability/Time Constraints: Body Type:
Dress Size:
Shoe Size:
Bust and/or Cock measurements:
Ethnicity:Hair:Eyes:Height:Weight:Chest:Waist:Hips:Dress Size:Shoe Size:Bust and/or Cock measurements:Tattoos/piercings/ect:Current # of Partners (any intimate contact):# of Partners (any intimate contact) in the last 6 months:# of Partners (any intimate contact) in the last 12 months:Date and results of your partners’ last STI/STD screening:History of your partner(s)/Your STI/STD’s:Date and results of your last STI/STD screening:Vaccinations:Transmutable Blood/Skin/ect Infections:
What are your BDSM/fetish/ect interests?:
Why are you interested in working with me?:
What are you interested in doing with me? (EG: Clips, Cam shows, Sessions):
What makes you an ideal candidate as my Co-star?:
Do you identify as kinky? If so, explain:
Do you consider anything a hard limit? (EG: Your face cannot appear on film):
Anything else you’d like to tell me?

Please also specify if you would like to set up a discounted session or if you would like to be interviewed just for clips. (The latter is more specific and will be geared towards what I want to film.)


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