Seeking a Submissive

Up until very, very recently I had allowed a boy who started seeing me professionally to connect with me on a more personal basis and I was about to collar him as my submissive. That being said, you may have noticed that I am talking about this person in past tense which is because he violated my trust in a way that shook our friendship down to its core and I’m not sure if it’s repairable. Fortunately, some good has come out of this situation. Namely that I remembered how nice it was having a dedicated submissive.

Keeping in mind that I may be opening the flood gates to about a billion emails, I’ve nonetheless decided to start accepting applications for a submissive.

Qualities that are important to me: Honesty, reliability, good listening skills, obedient, actually submissive (not “thinking about it”, “generally dominant” or a top from the bottom), not selfish, generally driven to accomplish things and meet goals, willingness to be molded by me

Any of these are bonuses but not requirements: Being willing to experiment with new toys, providing good foot massages, being a handy man, having disposal income, being a good cook

Deal Breakers: Under achievers, inability to follow directions, liars, people with criminal history.

Please copy the following questions, answer them and email the results to

Education Level:
Experience Level with BDSM/Kink:
5 qualities other people tell you that you embody:
5 things you wish you could change about yourself:
5 things that are important you:
5 special skills that you possess:
Your ideal relationship:
Your idea of being successful:
What you wanted to grow up to be:
How you want your life to be in 5 years:

Looking forward to hearing from you.