Month: August 2014


Being bipolar is an odd mix of pleasure and pain; One moment I’m completely engulfed by the crushing beauty all around me and I’m wildly creative because everything feels so wonderful that I can’t contain myself. Then with my next breath it feels like the air has been sucked out of my lungs and like I’m drowning in the darkest depths of my mind wherein everything that I’m lacking is lit up in harsh, bright light. It’s so intoxicating to be up that I just want to stay there forever but I think that’s likely impossible, at least I’ve never …

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Lonely- Lamenting on Many Things

I’m pretty spoiled, all things considered; I’ve managed to live my life where basically everything practical is taken care of plus the benefits of having a wide range of friends to lean on when I need it. Right now though, I feel lonely. It feels like I’m falling apart inside and driving myself crazy trying to cover all the cracks and plug all the leaking emotional holes. (Get your mind out of the gutter.) Try as I might, I’m still really raw and it’s because my normal support system is working really hard and that’s great. Growth and progress is …

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