Happy Holidays!!

The holidays are swiftly approaching, you know what that means? Gifts for all!! As a special thank you to folks who have seen me 3 times or more, I am offering a special 200/hr rate or double time for sessions during the holidays. (From Thanksgiving until New Years!) Interested in buying me a gift for the holidays? Check out my Wishlists or for a more personal touch, one of the items below. In order of preference: Erostek ET312B Nexus 9, 32GB in Black Cocksucker Hood, Large Leather Fishtail Skirt, size 14 Leather Pencil Skirt, size 14 Leather Catsuit, size 44 in black Spandex Catsuit in Black, Medium Leather Corset, Size 42 in Black Standing Erector Set Complete Bondage Cross and Inversion Table, black leather and mahogany wood I also am in the market for some lovely floggers! Thank you for reading!!