Month: August 2015

Praise: Exothermic Reaction

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy. Ruby’s world is one about which I’ve been curious but never ventured into. Until last week. Her posts with the wonderful photos of her and her girlfriend told me that it was time. Ruby and her girlfriend have a remarkable chemistry stemming from their real-life relationship and I appreciate them sharing. I have a wide streak of voyeur in me and they indulged that. Being with two women at the same time was a first for me and watching Ruby’s hands glide over and into the lovely lady was mesmerizing and arousing. …

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Praise: Ms Ruby & her girlfriend

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy. Our session was very relaxed. After we caught up and swapped horror stories Ruby gave me an excellent massage while we chatted and I got to know her girlfriend a but better. Once the true play began with Ms Ruby directing the fun, I got to get a peak into her dominant side more than I have in previous sessions. Ms Ruby knows im a bit on the shy side and has mostly kept our visiys strictly sensual, but seeing her get to be dominant with Ms our guest i got to …

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