With Tears in My Eyes, I See You

The last few weeks I have been extremely focused on expressing kindness and love to others. Unfortunately.. That usually becomes really hard when I go into a depressive slump. Until recently.
It dawned on me that sadness, loss, anger, fear, despair, loss, depression, anxiety and all the other negative emotions create energy… And energy exists to be transferred from one place to another. So why not allow that energy to become a channel to another? It usually is a channel anyways but it’s often a negative one. especially when negative feelings are involved. It doesn’t have to negative though… It could be a way to relate to others, to feel their pain and share yours too. Instead of saying “I am sad, it hurts! I don’t want to feel this way!” why not say “I hurt. I see you are hurting too, I feel that. It’s okay, I’m right here with you.”

So, needless to say… Being sad and experiencing depression has become very complicated for me lately. Instead of curling up and hiding it makes me want to hold someone else who is hurting and say “I see you. We can get through this.”