A Response to a Complaint

What the f is going on with prices
I’m not complaining really but holy shit, $300-$400 for an hour and no bbj or dato or daty
Some of you providers are fucking smoking something!

Oh ya, no reviews on some of them, just crazy

That does actually sound like you’re complaining, at least a little.

That being said, I know how frustrating it can be to want something out of your budget but that isn’t a reason to insult someone over it. Folks will set their rates at whatever works for them, if they are getting calls then it’s working. If not, maybe they’ll adjust their rates.
Insofar as activities go, would you rather have a provider do something she isn’t into at all or have someone who is having a blast and enjoys her sessions? In saying ladies should offer particular things you run the risk of having a meh session with someone who isn’t into it. Personally, I think that’s worse than being told no but maybe I’m missing something.

I think it would be great if we stopped posting lamenting threads like this in favor of encouraging ladies to offer what they enjoy. It would set a good precedent for everyone. That being said, I would be surprised if that ever happened. Until then, hooray for mediocrity!

So, I’m kind of on the fence with this. I think often price =\= quality in this world but that still doesn’t mean it’s cool to knock the prices a lady sets. As I said, if it works for her then that is great. If it doesn’t (eg, she’s not making rent) and she has any business sense, she should re-evaluate her pricing structure.
Personally, I think it’s as weird to equate menus to price or dabble with upcharges as it is to equate to quality.

When I first started advertising here, I charged less than my competitors because I felt like I wasn’t worth much due to the fact that I was new. Whether my time was worth more or not is inconsequential. However, I found that there are different kinds of clients at different price points. Although I may have made myself more accessible by having lower rates, I actually saw less people and had very few repeats (since I like building relationships with folks, I have never really been interested in one offs.) I adjusted my rates to see what would happen and around 260/hr I had more business than I could handle so I bumped up again.

Some where in there I improved my play space significantly, grew my toy collection, honed my appearance, etc. All of which is stuff I could have done at whatever rate I set. However, I did find that the higher my rates were the more I was appreciated by my clients. Where as at 160/hr, no one seemed to give a single fuck as long as they got off and I remotely resembled my pictures. I also found that below 240/hr, people always wanted to push my boundaries and offered me tips for it.

As far as what all that has to do with price vs quality from the hobbyist side, I’m not sure but I figured I would share my data anyways in case it shed light on anything.

Personally, I set my expectations out on the table from the get go and I make a point of communicating my boundaries clearly and respectfully; If what I am comfortable with is not what someone is looking for, that is totally okay but I would be disappointed if someone thought I was bullshitting with my limits with the goal of getting an upsell. Mostly what I’m saying is that it would be great if we were all a little bit more honest about our expectations. In doing so, I think the hobby would be a better experience for everyone and I think it would eliminate a lot of what you are lamenting with regards to girls wanting to “do nothing.”

I use my play (BDSM/Domination stuff) to blow off steam and it helps keep me sane by virtue of getting to do weird and sometimes “awful” things with people who enjoy it. For my other forms of connection (FBSM related,) it is extremely meditative for me to connect with someone and try to fix any issues they have with their body. When I go a significant amount of time without playing in this space I start to feel unbalanced and often irritable.

Sure, I could take my skills and go into a variety of different fields but I actually like the sexual element of it and for me my work would be less fun if there wasn’t that spark of overt sexual tension. In regular life, I tend to corrupt any professional relationship I have by toeing the line of sexual expression and this field allows me to stay out of trouble with regards to that.

I am probably just a fucking weirdo but to me, this industry is a God send because it allows me to be as sexual, seductive, kinky, odd, out there, sensual and connected to others as I want to be. While at the same time, knowing the energy exchange rate which actually prevents me from feeling taken advantage of. That being said, I know my experience is not like most but I really wish it was.

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