Day: April 25, 2016

Praise: A Great Introduction

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy. I’d never had any experience with BDSM before and wanted to try it out. After months of reading profiles and hemming and hawing, I finally took the plunge with Ruby. I selected Ruby because from everything I’ve seen, she’s well respected and experienced in this space. Plus, I just love that seductive smirk she’s got in all her photos. What I will say is that after our time chatting, she had selected activities perfectly suited for me. Going into a session with her, I was wondering if I’d like any aspect of BDSM. After the session, I’m already looking forward to my next visit.

Praise: Lessons in her Seattle Dungeon

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy. It’s actually quite remarkable seeing a professional transform from the secretary appearance to “full fledge Domina. ~ Mistress Ruby is no doubt (as I have now experienced) an incredible entertainer and a serious deliverer of BDSM fetishes. My delving into interests & pleasures of BDSM ‘play’ is something of a new adventure as I explore these things often referred to as “taboo”. It was a GFE /Domme in PDX who’s magnetic appeal would “weaken mY defenses” and lead me into naughty things ‘other’ than how I’ve previously played in this hobby…..And I like it. As a result my excitement & interest gained with intensity, so I studied the profiles of some Seattle Dommes so as to session with and expand my knowledge/experiences in BDSM. And of course I settled with Miss Ruby. Why wouldn’t I? After all, her images/reviews are compelling and she has this Lair in Fremont complete with Dungeon like qualities. Ruby is most certainly among the most professional I’ve met. Her website is no-nonsense information complete with an application form for requested services. She responds very well with emails, set-up was quite smooth/easy. Of course I’m a pre-book maniac, I study in advance then contacted Ruby 1 1/2 weeks prior to session. If you desire to see Ruby be certain to GO to her website and read thoroughly, paying attention to stated etiquette with a gal of her caliber will most certainly contribute to a possible granted session. After …

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