Scheduling for New Admirers

On this page you will find everything you need to know to contact me successfully. I get many inquiries through many different channels, it takes time to sort through them and adhering to my protocol saves us both time and energy. Most importantly, it demonstrates your ability to follow protocol and that you took the time and care to read my instructions.


  • Do not talk about tributes.
  • Be discreet and respectful in your communication, lewd or rude messages will get junked.
  • Please stick to one method of communication (email, text, etc.) If you have something that is too long for text or needs to be sent immediately (like a confirmation) inform me that you are going to switch communication methods and make sure that I know your contact information.
  • Do not spam me with messages. I am busy, I have a life and time is finite. Also my emails don’t chain so sending new ones clogs my inbox.
  • Please give me all of the requested information in a timely manner.
  • Unless we have confirmed a time and date, you are not on my schedule.

Application Form Booking

In order to present yourself to me ideally, I expect you to complete my application form or give me all the requisite information without me having to pull teeth. I prefer the form, it is neat and tidy as well as encrypted. The purpose of the form and having specific directions is to set protocol. When you do not follow them from the beginning of our interactions you are showing me that you have a disregard for the power I hold in our relationship. The easiest way to get me to take your request seriously is to follow my requested protocol.

My Application Form is Found Here

However, I do understand that sometimes technology can be an issue so if you cannot complete it for some reason I will accept an email or text containing the following information:

Email and Text Booking

This information may be sent to or 206-486-4960 (Signal or Whatsapp heavily preferred due to encryption)

  • Your Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • References/Social Media
  • Paragraph About Yourself
  • Your Experience

Interview Screening

If you do not have social media and do not have references I am happy to schedule a phone interview with you. Phone interviews are 50-100, a phone interview and must be pre-paid.
A phone interview is *not* a phone session.

For some situations, a phone interview may not be adequate or appropriate. In this situation I recommend a brief face to face, casual interview to make sure that we click. My time should also be tributed in the event of in person interviews.

Confirming Bookings

In order to confirm your booking with me you must contact me.
Confirmations are to be done 3 hours before our set meeting time.
You must contact me to confirm session only then will you receive directions.
If you don’t confirm 3 hours in advance the day of our session (unless pre-discussed) you have cancelled and my same day cancellation policy applies to you.


For new clients I may require a deposit to secure your space on my schedule. I do not like having my time wasted and until you can show that you are reliable, I will expect you to show that you want to honor your commitments to me. This goes for both in person and online sessions.


Some form of screening is mandatory, period. I screen because it provides me with some aspect of certainty that you are genuine and it shows me that you are invested. If nothing else it is an exercise in your submission to me. I’m kind enough to give you options in my application process, ranging from social media if you are new to references if you are experienced. If you absolutely opposed to having any exchange of information we can arrange a phone interview or in person interview. Think of these as interviews and introductions, a test of compatibility which I view as absolutely critical.


I take privacy very seriously, any information you give me will not be shared without your consent. I offer methods of communication that are all encrypted for the purposes of privacy, including my form (the delivery mechanism is also encrypted.) Honestly, I have nothing to gain from sharing your information or violating your privacy except complications and inconveniences. I am serious about how I conduct myself and I don’t have time to interfere with your life, nor do I care enough to. Privacy is a rare commodity in our current digital age and I want mine respected just as much as you want yours respected. It’s a mutual thing. This is all just an exercise in trust building.

I care enough to not gather IP’s when using Google Analytics on this website and to anonymize any other collection of data. Point blank, your privacy matters to me because it is tied to my image and I have as much to lose as you by violating your privacy. I am constantly learning new ways to increase my knowledge about how to better my privacy and yours in our interactions. The unfortunate truth is that screening is a necessary evil in order to understand who I am interacting with and weed out potential problematic people but it is rarely as opaque as it may seem. Nothing ever is.