Returning Devotees


Please be respectful of my time, first and foremost. You are a busy individual, you have a life and things that demand your time. As do I. I appreciate that you are thinking of me but if you want or need a significant ongoing correspondence with me I will expect a form of support or gifting. This is not because I do not want the interaction with you but simply due to the fact that I have practical time constraints that limit my time commitments.

Scheduling Instructions

For my adored returning admirers, it is assumed that we have some familiarity. If we are in regular contact or you simply clarify that I still remember you, you may use one of the methods outlined on this page. If not, we will need to re-establish that and I will redirect you to my instructions for first time visitors. In short, if it has been too long or I no long have your information please fill out my initial scheduling form as I will need to re-screen you.

I have an express scheduling form for you to complete which is found here.

You may schedule with me via email or text, whichever method we use for contact.


My confirmation system is in place so that I am ready on time. As such, confirmations still apply so please be sure to be on time. Send your confirmation 3 hours out.
If you do not confirm, as per my normal rules you have cancelled. My confirmation rules are in place so that you can communicate to me that you will be attending our session. Unless there were some manner of unforeseen circumstances, I will be attending our meeting unless I explicitly say otherwise. I do my best to reply to confirmations timely manner but if I do not reply immediately, do not fret.


I have some very specific protocol, make sure you are familiar with it.

If we have individualized protocol during scene or out/tasks outside of the dungeon be sure to follow my instructions, give me updates and ask for any clarification if you need any.