What to Expect

When first reaching out to a Mistress it is natural to be nervous, this should serve as a guide for what to expect when contacting a Mistress.

To get some things out of the way, let’s go over the do’s and don’ts which should serve as basic operating procedure when dealing with any Mistress, woman or person. After that we will move on to the process.


Don’t send many messages when you don’t get a response.
Don’t call a Mistress by a pet name such as baby, babe, honey, sweetie.
Don’t be late without notice, or expect a Mistress to move her schedule around because of your timing issues.
Don’t touch a Mistress without asking first. Ever.


Do use the correct honorifics specified on the website, sometimes it is not Mistress, Domina, etc.
Do communicate clearly about your needs and if there is a problem. No one is a mind reader.
Do your best to follow the directions given to you.
Being respectful, loyal and kind will go a very long way.
Do be yourself, there is no reason to hide anything.


When you initially reach out to me you have several options of contact depending on your comfort level, how much you are comfortable sharing upon first contact and how familiar you are with security. I do require some kind of screening and I will outline that below, so even if you opt for a method that doesn’t initially offer information I will ask you some questions. Below this I will outline my contact methods and why you may or may not choose to use them, as well as best practices.

Contact form
My contact form is encrypted (it is used by medical professionals and is delivered to an encrypted email address) and the most direct and expedited method of initial contact. The information entered should be as complete as possible to streamline the process. To maximize security with this option you should also use an encrypted email.

After first contact, there is no need to use the form, you can contact me directly by email.

Email is a great option as it allows for formal dialogue, much like the form. As long as your initial contact request contains all the relevant information required for me to feel comfortable meeting with you, this is just fine.

Whatsapp or Signal
Both of these are texting apps and are currently encrypted options which makes them better than your average SMS which is effectively the least secure communication protocol currently in use. With your initial contact, just include all relevant information.

Normal Texting
Much like the option above, that is just fine too it just isn’t as secure.

I just want to know that you’re a real person. You know a lot about me from my site, building a relationship is part of the deal here.


Privacy is one of my key concerns, as I’m sure is yours. It is important to be discreet and I have absolutely no interest in sacrificing my privacy nor yours. I do my utmost best to protect any and all information that comes across into my sphere. It’s more than a matter of just not sharing information, it’s a matter of not having things that are easily accessible and not collecting or saving information that would be problematic period.


Screening for new friends is mandatory. This means I will need some level of personal knowledge about you. Whether it be a brief writing about your passions, links to your social media or a reference from someone I know or that you know that gives me access to verify that you are a real person. As I said previously, privacy is critical to me and I will not reach out to you on any platform you provide, nor will I contact you via any method of contact that you have not explicitly given permission to use.


Much like arranging with any friend, we’ll just match our schedules and see what works. I trend towards not being spur of the moment, so try to be considerate of that.


Once the day of meeting rolls around, I will expect you to contact me three hours before we scheduled to meet. Please use whatever method of contact we were using previously to confirm that everything is still good and we are still set to meet. After this I will send you directions. I expect a confirmation every time we meet, not just the first time.


My directions are very specific so please be sure to read them over and make sure you understand them and that you have read them completely. Misreading or reading my directions incompletely will result in you ending up in the wrong place. Discretion is also quite important to me, as I do not want to cause any public disturbances.


Once you arrive, I will greet you and I’ll expect you to remove your shoes. It is important to discuss limits, any triggers you may have and any health issues. It is also extremely important to note that every interaction is extremely variable and dependent on flow, connection, the relationship. This is an adventure and a journey, from here on out it is an organic and unique thing that cannot be laid down on paper. I hope that you will entrust yourself to me in servitude and submission.