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Goddess Eidra
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Goddess Lena
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On-Line Trudy
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Dominatrix V
A photo of Goddess Eidra in Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden
A photo of Goddess Lena a True Foot Fetish Mistress in Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany
A photo of Miss Tudy an on-line Mistress
UK - The World
A photo of Dominatrix V in Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia
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Mistress Susanne
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Mistress Vanessa
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Mistress Izabel
A photo of Mistress Suzanne a True Mistress in London, UK
London UK. Also does Enema
A photo of a Mistress
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A photo of Mistress Vanessa in London, UK
London UK
A photo of Mistress Izabel a True Mistress in London, UK
London UK
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Mistress Kiara
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Miss Trudy
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A photo of Mistress Kiara in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
A photo of a Mistress
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A photo of Miss Tudy an on-line Mistress
UK and all the World
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A photo of Goddess Nora Marinelli a True Mistress in Austria  
Goddess Nora Marinelli - A True Mistress in Austria

Findom - Femdom - Brainfuck Let me become your obsession, slave! You'll be hooked on me before you know what hit you! I'll have you under my spell, my addicted, dependent subject! Dive into your deepest fantasies and become utterly mine! I am what you've been searching for all your life!... Website - REDIRECTEDWebsite
A photo of Dominatrix Jessica  
Dominatrix Jessica - A True Mistress in Austria

Kinky Mistress, Scat Queen and Latex Nurse touring Austria... Website
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A photo of Mistress Jill a True Mistress in Antwerp, Belgium   Mistress Jill - A True Mistress in Antwerp, Belgium

A highly motivated and versatile professional with a sophisticated sense of humour. 30 years' experience as pro-Domme, Medical Mistress and Rigger... Website
A photo of Mistress Linda a True Mistress in Sofia, Bulgaria  
Mistress Linda - A True Mistress in Sofia, Bulgaria

I am Mistress Linda. Attractive, beautiful and sexy. Powerful, demanding and merciless. A natural born dominatrix I enjoy sensual and sadistic domination. The idea of having slaves really turns Me on. I truly love inflicting pain, humiliation and torture. I am the one and only pro domme in Bulgaria. I have over 12 years of professional experience in BDSM and fetish play. I am intuitive and skilled and able to unlock your inner most secret fantasies and fears. My limits are pretty wide and My versatility ranges from sensual-moderate-strict to cruel sadism.... Website
A photo of a Mistress in Croatia  
Mistress in Croatia
  Czech Republic
A photo of Madam Samantha in Prauge, Czech Republic   Madam REDIRECTED - A True Mistress in Prauge, Czech Republic

Welcome to my Queendom! Enjoy your darkest BDSM and kinky fantasies with beautiful and charming, sensual and dominant, true and top Czech Mistress Samantha. Famous sexy and tall blond fetish Goddess with expressive feminity, provocative, stimulating and torturing erotica... I was born to be a dominatrix and love to control your body and mind… All kind of games and passion of BDSM - FEMDOM - FETISH. High Class and Top quality. Dungeon and Outcall. Prague and Worldwide. Safety and Discretion. Real and Online... Website is REDIRECTED
A photo of a Mistress in Denmark  
Mistresses in Denmark
A photo of a Mistress in Finland  
Mistresses in Finland
A photo of Mistress Euryale   Mistress REDIRECTED a True Mistress in Paris, France and Hong Kong

Mistress Euryale is an International French Dominatrix based in Hong-Kong. After years of BDSM lifestyle, she began her life as a Pro Domme in Paris. In love of Chinese culture, she later settled in Hong-Kong and tours regularly in Asia and Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland...) to see her slaves and meet new subs. On her website Website is REDIRECTED she keeps memory of her sessions by writing and photography
A photo of Lady Bellatrix a True Mistress in Paris, France   Lady Bellatrix a True Mistress in Paris, France

Lady Bellatrix is the Queen of Mean and an international fetish model now living in Paris. I am elegant, discerning and strict. Some of My favourite activities include fisting, interrogation and mind control and extreme humiliation. I am also a latex life-styler and passionate about extended heavy rubber sessions. A session with Me can be described as intense but I do have a more sensual side enjoying tease and denial and coming up with creative role play scenarios. The foot connoisseur will delight in worshipping My highly arched feet and extensive selection of fetish foot ware. I session from a fully equipped dungeon in Paris but as a jet set glaminatrix, I return to London frequently as well as other European and North American destinations... Website
A photo of Lady Lotus in Munich and Erfurt, Germany   Lady Lotus - A True Mistress in Munich and Erfurt

I am an experienced, classical Domina who does not consider BDSM and female dominance to be a game but rather a philosophy of life. Whoever wishes to come close to me, should give up any wishful thinking, because I do not fulfil your image of a Domina - I am a Domina. Submission and acknowledgement of my power is the key for being permitted to enter my bizarre world... Website
A photo of Kurtisane de Sade a True Mistress in Essen, Germany   Kurtisane de Sade - A True Mistress in Essen

English: KURTISANE DE SADE between frivolous bizarre temptation and sensual seduction...BDSM escort, party as well as club chaperonace, discreet home and hotel visits and overnights for the generous gentleman.

German: KURTISANE DE SADE zwischen frivoler bizarrer Versuchung und sinnlicher Verführung...BDSM Escort, Party- sowie Club-Begleitung, diskrete Haus- und Hotelbesuche und Overnights für den generösen Gentleman... Website - Suspended
A photo of Maitresse Bizarre a True Mistress in Essen, Germany   Maitresse Bizarre - A True Mistress in Essen

English: Naturally inclined playfully mistress of passion! With late years comes experience - Maîtresse Bizarre, BDSM high class escort / party as well as club chaperonage / discreet home and hotel visits for the generous savourer!

German: Naturveranlagte, spielfreudige Mistress aus Passion!Mit den späten Jahren kommt die Erfahrung - Maîtresse Bizarre, BDSM High Class Escort /Party- sowie Club-Begleitung / diskrete Haus- und Hotelbesuche für den generösen Genießer!... Website - Suspended
A photo of Lady Mephista a True Mistress in Berlin, Germany   Lady Mephista - A True Mistress in Berlin

Usually located in Berlin in Germany from where I Dominate my subjects at the ever popular Studio Avalon facility, I visit London several times a year. I am an experienced Dominatrix who enjoys a variety of different scenes and activities when in the Dungeon which includes but isn't limited to Corporal Punishment, Rope Bondage and Foot Worship to name just a few, check out my web site for more details... Website - Suspended
A photo of Domina Erotica Black Beauty a True Mistress in Berlin Germany   Domina Erotica Black Beauty - A True Mistress in Berlin

True class, grace, experience, beauty, intelligence mixed with an amazing personality isn't easy to find these days in this lifestyle and vanilla lifestyle. I truly had fun and appreciate all of the New Jersey subs and pets that have been trained by Me and for having the balls to see Me. If you have never experienced genuine domination before... by Me training you allowed you a much better understanding and respect for a Domina of My caliber... Website - Suspended
Lady Victoria Valente a True Mistress in Stuttgart, Baden Württemberg, Germany that does No personal services.   Lady Victoria Valente - A True Mistress in Stuttgart, Baden Württemberg see

...Website - Suspended
A photo of Emma Gutversteckt a True Mistress in Athens, Greece   Emma Gutversteckt - A True Mistress in Athens, Greece.

You like to be dominated by a woman, have a fetish or just want to try some something that is anything but ordinary? Welcome! I am a passionate, experienced dominatrix and also open for inspired ideas and fancy wishes Eroticism is a game with borders and lustful shamelessness, which are worth discovering ...Website
A photo of Dominatrix Dinah a True Mistress in Amsterdam, Holland   Dominatrix Dinah - A True Mistress in Amsterdam, (The Netherlands) Holland.

A photo of Meesteres Kate a True Mistress in Rotterdam, Zuidholland, Netherlands   Meesteres Kate - A True Mistress in Rotterdam, Zuidholland, Netherlands

A photo of Mistress Anna a Mistress in Hungary  
Mistress Anna - A True Mistress in Budapest, Hungary

My name is Anna, 39 years old, and an experienced Mistress in Budapest. Whatever I do with you, I do it because of MY desires. I am happy to receive both men and women.I especially love an attractive female body, when it is totally defencelessness before me... Website Not Working
A photo of Spoilt Princess G in Dublin, Ireland  
Spoilt Suspended - A True Mistress in Dublin, Ireland

I offer online and real-time sessions to carefully selected submissive males in Dublin and internationally. I only do fetishes I love because I want My domination to be genuine. I prefer sessions to be unrushed and carefully organised. I would normally only offer a real-time session to a slave once a day, so it's not a like a production line. It's more about offering a genuine experience. Each session is customised and unique... Website - Suspended
A photo of Eve a True Mistress in Tel Aviv, Israel  
Eve - A True Mistress in Tel Aviv, Israel

I am an exquisite and experienced practitioner of the dark arts of BDSM, Kink and Fetish. Slave training is something that comes naturally to me. I have been bending men to my will all my life. The toys and equipment of my trade are mere extensions of who I am. I am not just a Dominatrix during sessions, I am a Dominatrix always... Website - Suspended
A photo of Domina Sreni a True Mistress in Milano, Italy  
Domina SUSPENDED - A True Mistress in Milano, Italy

Domina Sreni leather Mistress in Milano - slave Educator - Bondage Dominatrix Connoisseur and extremely specialized in art of Female Supremacy and into Bondage SM practises and disciplines. Charming, haughty figure with an authoritarian, severe, selective, demanding temper focus on educate slaves in her fully equipped environment situated in Milano town. For further details visit her... Website - SUSPENDED Advance appointment is appreciated.
A photo of Cruel Mistress Italy a True Mistress in Milano, Italy  
Cruel Mistress Italy - A True Mistress in Milano, Italy

I have a medieval Dungeon in center Milano, medieval furniture n.1, Inquisition Table and more, white Room for medical: gyno chair, pillory ecc. CruelmistressIT : Firm but fair, Cruel but emphatic, unforeseeable. I'm a lifestyle mistress, many years of experience. I like: CBT, BDSM, CBT extreme, medical-sounding, strap on play, fisting, feminization, mummification in sarcophagus, elektrosex etc... Website
A photo of Mistress Larizia a True Mistress in Milan, Italy  
Mistress Larizia - A True Mistress in Milan, Italy

Sensual and Stunning Mistress, Italian Dominatrix for BDSM and Fetish Sessions in Equipped Location. Come visit me, explore and especially realise your hidden fantasies... Website
A photo of a Mistress in Luxembourg  
Mistresses in Luxembourg
A photo of a Mistress in Norway  
Mistresses in Norway
A photo of a Mistress in Poland  
Mistresses in Poland
A photo of Mistress Isis V a True Mistress in Lisbon, Portugal  
Mistress Isis V - A True Mistress in Lisbon, Portugal

I'm a Sexy domina with red long hair and light, soft skin. As you meet me, you might notice I'm calm. And yes, I am... until you're under my power and will! I am a Queen with a great heart, but merciless. I watch for the glitches of your mind. And I know were to f*ck u your head up. In my private life, I am a Visual Artist, a Tattoo Artist, Designer ...among many other things I love to work with. I am smart, educated and strict. In person, I like a good, smart, conversation and hate small talk anywhere... Website
A photo of Domme Sara in Lisbon, Portugal  
Domme Sara - in Lisbon, Portugal

A photo of Lady Ezada Sinn a True Mistress in Bucharest, Romania   Lady SUSPENDED - A True Mistress in Bucharest.

...Website Suspended>
A photo of Mistress Karolina a True Mistress in Moscow, Russia   Mistress Karolina - A True Mistress in Moscow, Russia

Originally from Moscow, Russia , I have been learning and speaking English since I was seven. I have studied at University in Moscow, London and in Vienna and now I am the perfect mix of East and West. I have been an active lifestyle Domme for over 8 years. My manner is sweet, sensual, nurturing and classy, yet strict, disciplined, mischievous and erotic…the most intoxicating cocktail of contradictions you will ever experience. I love the art of tease - nothing pleases me more than to see the excitement in your eyes while I make you desperate, helpless and embarrassed... Website
A photo of Mistress Iren a True Mistress in Krasnodar, Russia   Mistress Iren - A True Mistress in Krasnodar, Russia

I know since I was born that men only exist to serve me. For me it's only natural to remind them how inferior they are to me and how they talk to a true Goddess each time they say yes Mistress. Are you man enough to come serve me... Website Not Working
A photo of Kisha Maglov a True Mistress in Belgrade, Serbia  
Kisha Maglov - A True Mistress in Belgrade, Serbia

I am classy, sophisticated, educated, multilingual, worldly, and naturally dominant Serbian Goddess who takes pleasure in controlling men. This has been My lifestyle for a long time with years of experience on the international FemDom scene. My current residence is in Belgrade, Serbia. I have a stable of well trained slaves that I enjoy training, punishing, disciplining, controlling, teasing, depriving, humiliating, feminizing, tying, using, and sometimes rewarding. My interests in BDSM are vast. I am unpredictable, strict, charismatic, fun, sensual and have a commanding presence. I love playing and offer an unforgettable experience... Website is not working
A photo of Domina Magda a True Mistress in Belgrade, Serbia   Domina Suspended - A True Mistress in Belgrade, Serbia.

I am kinky Goddess from Belgrade, in BDSM lifestyle for many years, and enjoy dominating slaves/submissives/fetishists without sexual contact. I respect limits but only those who knows their place in front of Domme and share some of my interests can serve me... Website - Suspended
A photo of Leonora a True Mistress in Belgrade, Serbia   Leonora - A True Mistress in Belgrade, Serbia.

Hi, my name is Leonora. I'm a Foot Fetish Queen. I am a hot and pretty femme who loves her feet massaged, kissed, licked, pedicured, pampered and adored. If you want to adore Me and my beautiful Feet, read the rest of my site for information... Website
  Slovak Republic
A photo of a Mistress in the Slovak Republic  
Mistresses in the Slovak Republic
A photo of a Mistress in Slovenia  
Mistresses in Slovenia
A photo of Barbara Lochrian in Valencia or Barcelona  
Barbara Lochrian - A True Mistress in Valencia or Barcelona, Spain

Barbara is an untameable punk here to tear up the rules and run riot with your imagination. A specialist in Kinky debauchery and Domination. Specialising in CBT, strap on, fisting, breath play and face sitting... Website
A photo of Domina Lena  
Domina Lena - A True Mistress in Barcelona, Spain

I'm kinky Goddess - Mistress in femdom lifestyle for many years and I believe in spontaneous natural domination based on my inspiration. Serve me and experience my dark sensual style of domination where I take control and captivate your mind... Website
A photo of Mistress Patricia Medicalysado a True Mistress in Barcelona, Spain  
Patricia Medicalysado - A True Mistress in Barcelona, Spain

My sessions are conducted with the maximum hygiene, using gloves or condoms. The materials are always sterilized or disinfected with the necessary means (chemical agents and a Pasteur oven), or they are new and disposable. I will never perform conventional sex in any of my sessions to cover this need I may incorporate some of my assistants ...Website
A photo of Mistress Pandora a True Mistress in Malaga, Spain  
Mistress Pandora - A True Mistress in Malaga, Spain

I'm an awesome Mistress in Malaga with a dungeon, I would best describe me as a sensual sadist who offers BDSM fantasies from a top-level exprimentados till soft but always operate within the security and Consensual. I have over 7 years of experience and although I love the game and pushing severe limits also got a lot of satisfaction and pleasure to spend time and help the novice or inexperienced submissive. What I like most is the connection and chemistry that can exist between a lady and her slave. If you want to experience the best that you can find in Malaga, Andalucia, then look no further ...Website
A photo of Fröken Amelie a True Mistress in Uppsala, Sweden   Fröken Amelie - A True Mistress in Uppsala, Sweden

At first glance I might pass as an ordinary sweet girl, but under the surface lies a perverted woman with a flair for the decadent things in life. I happen to be blessed with both good looks and a genuinely sweet demeanour and can easily come across as innocent and helpless if I wish too, but my horns are mostly ill hidden. So don't get fooled by faulty appearances or you might find out the unpleasant way just how faulty they are. I have more or less six years of experience of practicing BDSMF in different forms, and have just recently decided to turn my dominant side professional...Website Not Working
A photo of Madame Sadist in Sweden   Madame Sadist - A True Mistress in Sweden

I love ballbusting and to torture your cock and balls in other ways. To hear you moan with pain when I whip you entire body would make me smile. I am a Sadist! I will love to hurt you!... Website
A photo of Femdom Escort in Bern, Switzerland  
Femdom Escort - A True Mistress in Bern, Switzerland

I am an experienced, well-educated, sophisticated and high-class Lady. Born and raised in Western Europe, I speak English, German and French fluently, and pleased to be a stimulating conversation partner on a wide variety of topics at a high level. As I have travelled the world my entire life, and to-date continue to broaden my horizons by visiting interesting places around the globe, I am the perfect companion for diverse occasions and moments. As a BDSM highly experienced Lady and specialist Femdom, I can introduce you to the world of fetish, bizarre erotica and BDSM, which is fascinating, incredibly multifaceted and interesting from so many angles! There are innumerable options that allow will us to explore your wishes and unfold your pleasure. Get ready to enjoy the moments of tantalizing excitement and experience original allure in a play you've never witnessed before... Website
A photo of Maitresse Nikky French a True Mistress in Geneva, Switzerland  
Maitresse Suspended - A True Mistress in Geneva, Switzerland

The art of domination à la française. Sensual French mistress based in Geneva... Website - Suspended
A photo of Lady Anabela in Winterthur, Switzerland   Lady Anabela - A True Mistress in Winterthur, Switzerland

Seductive and imaginative role-playing games, from hard to harder! Your confidence that you give me I'll take and guide you! I am elegant - dominant - natural - consequent - provocative - phenomenal - persevering - sadistic - artful and UNREACHABLE! I like lead beginners into my world, take you any fear. Your fantasies, your desires, our time, I will make it in our sole discretion, to a lustful session. Bookings only on early appointment. SMS and anonymous calls are not answered. The sessions will be private in Winterthur... Website Not Working
A photo of a Mistress in Turkey  
Mistress in Turkey
A photo of Helene Nuar in Kyiv, Ukraine   Helene Nuar - A True Mistress in Kyiv, Ukraine

Helene Nuar Mistress sapeosexual, BDSM on an individual scenario in Kiev Ukraine. I will conduct a BDSM session with a SUBMISSIVE man, woman, transsexual. Please get to know me and my BDSM Preference on my site... Website
A photo of Mistresss Goldy in Kyiv, Ukraine   Mistresss Goldy - A True Mistress in Kyiv, Ukraine

Professional Mistress and Fetish model Domina, with 9 years of experience in BDSM - out of which 1 year of thematic marriage, wish to meet male, female, trans or couple for BDSM sessions. Will train and gently introduce to BDSM Theme novices... Website
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