Hypnodomme & Femdom Hypnosis

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a very relaxed state, similar to meditation where the subject experiences increased suggestibility. It has been used by medical professionals, entertainers and others such as myself with success. I got into it because I was a skeptic and found it to be very reliable and effective at getting people to relax, open up and have wonderful experiences.

What is Erotic Hypnosis?

Erotic hypnosis is hypnosis that is used to enhance or create erotic experiences with hypnosis. You can do all sorts of things with hypnosis, create sensation, remove it, alter it, freeze limbs, you name it.

What is Femdom Hypnosis?

Femdom hypnosis is the act of giving your mind over in relaxation and submission, so combining Hypnosis and D/s from BDSM. It can be incredibly liberating and relaxing to give up complete control and just let go.

What is Hypnosis like?

A hypnotic state has often been described as feeling fuzzy or slightly relaxed, you do not fall asleep or go unconscious or become a completely pliable doll. Usually when given instruction it feels as though you could choose not to do what you were told but it feels right or good to do the thing you were instructed to do.

A hypnosis scene can be broken down to several stages:

Pre Hypnosis– Negotiation often happen here, light play and warm up.

Induction– Hypnosis starts and you start to go under.

Trance-You enter trance state and triggers/suggestions can be placed.

Trigger State– Post trance, sometimes partial trance state where triggers are being used. You can repeat any of the stages above as you like.

Post Trigger State– Triggers inactive, cool down after the scene. After care if needed.

What are Hypnodomme Sessions like?

Hypnodomme sessions are often like normal hypnosis sessions if you have any familiarity. I suggest reading up on hypnosis if you are curious about it, that can often make it more effective.
With me Hypnosis sessions be broken into several different categories:
Hypnosis Only– For those who want to experience the depths of what mental play has to offer and want to explore their psyche. Perfect for exploring hypnosis and great for those who are experienced.
BDSM and Hypnosis– Combining the best of both worlds, using hypnosis as a tool I can amplify an experience or implant suggestions to create a whole new experience altogether.

Seattle erotic hypnosis sessions and hypnodomme sessions