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She is simply MagicShe is knowledgeable, skilled- Maybe I’ll beg for more in the next session. I’m happy that I met a wonderfully giving and protective Dominant Goddess named Ruby Enraylls. Ladies and Gentlemen you’re interested in exploring new or old kinkswith a delightful sexy woman, this is whom you should seek.

A Seattle Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls the Ultimate Femdom rules the world from her beautiful seattle dungeon, no slave can resist a tempting seattle mistress like Ruby Enraylls

I Shared My Secret Desires, It Was A Fantastic ExperienceI’m very grateful to this beautiful and smart woman for introducing me to BDSM in such a professional and safe manner. Ruby was very gentle with me yet confident in everything she was doing. It was a fantastic experience: I told Ruby about my secret desires and she did not reject me – instead, she helped me to fulfill them.


Mistress Ruby Helped Me Get My Mojo BackI was in a deep funk, after thinking about the type of people I wanted to emulate I ended up looking at, dominatrices, litigation attorneys, etc I cannot recommend this approach and Ruby enough – if you need to better manage the men in your life, take back control of a situation(s) or simply remind yourself that you are a brilliant, strong woman that men should worship, Ruby is the lady who can get you there! Fair warning though, she is distractingly lovely, so you do have to work to pay attention, not that she would let you get away with being inattentive! Thank you, Mistress Ruby!!


A Goddess Among Women, She Will Steal Your Soul i long to return to Seattle to worship my goddess. She is in charge and will suck your very soul out of your body, making you beg, weep, and long for more.  You would be willing to do anything for her, and that is how it should be

T fitdomme goddess ruby offers weight loss domination

I was her toy to play with. Surrendering control at that level really has to be felt to be believed. Miss Ruby is amazing at what she does, her voice is like sliding in silk sheets, smooth and calming. Her pictures do not do her justice. If any of this has piqued your interest you really owe it to yourself to check her out.

Sun Femdom hypnosis ass spiral

This woman should come with the warning- You may fall in love! Her ability to intuitively understand what you need is beyond words. Besides being extremely beautiful she is connecting on such a deep level that you feel you have known her all your life.

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she is really a Goddess I feel a huge desire to please. I wonder what base desires she could coax out of me. I had always wanted to see a dominatrix but was always kind of scared because the thought of pain or doing humiliating tasks was something I wasn’t sure I could handle. She completely respected my boundaries and it was GREAT!!!!!

Subservient Seattle Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls the Ultimate Femdom rules the world from her beautiful seattle dungeon, no slave can resist a tempting seattle mistress like Ruby Enraylls

  I was in heaven. She introduced me to this world that I had only dreamed of.  It was a 5 star experience and I will be back. I recommend Mistress Ruby to anyone and can speak from personal experience that she is a wonderful Mistress for your first time.

Ruby’s sissy blank

I can still feel the ghosts of her fingers torturing me with a feather touch Thank you so much, Mistress. I can’t believe how excited I already am in anticipation of seeing her again – I can still feel the ghosts of her fingers torturing me with a feather touch, and yet all I can do is beg for more 🙂

L Seattle Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls the Ultimate Femdom rules the world from her beautiful seattle dungeon, no slave can resist a tempting seattle mistress like Ruby Enraylls

all i can say is WOW. She is absolute perfection, despite her small stature relative to me ( i’m 6’4” 220) she completely dominated the room. I had the opportunity to spend some time with Mistress Ruby and all i can say is WOW. She is absolute perfection, despite her small stature relative to me ( i’m 6’4” 220) she completely dominated the room. I was slightly nervous at first but she made me completely comfortable. when all was said and done i was laying on the floor shaking for what seemed like hours, Mistress Ruby is amazing plain and simple and i look forward to expanding on our first meeting and opening things up more  5 stars, ten out of ten. two thumbs up. She is the real deal complete package for all of your needs

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Honestly, I was nervous about it, but turned out to be an amazing time. From start to finish she took control but i enjoyed listening and respecting Mistress Met ruby a few weeks ago at her location. Easy communication via email to set up our meeting. Honestly, I was nervous about it, but turned out to be an amazing time. From start to finish she took control but i enjoyed listening and respecting Mistress. Look forward to scheduling again and trying new things. Her outfit was very sexy and head to toe a 10 out of 10.

Wow and Need More

Last week I decided to explore my inner pervert a little bit more and reached out to three different providers with Fetish Ads. After filling out the contact form on her website, I got a text reply from Miss Ruby and then followed up with email with more complete information. She is super easy to communicate with and we arranged a time on a Saturday night. Her place was easy to find, and she received me at her discrete location in the basement entry of a house just north of downtown Seattle. Wearing a Black latex dress she’d worn in her pictures, with 4” stiletto heels she towered over my 5’11” frame. Gulp. I was soon led to her playroom. Lots of things hanging from walls that I’d only seen in kinky porn flicks. And some pieces of furniture that made me think “really?” Double Gulp. We sat and started talking. Miss Ruby put me immediately at ease with intelligent, warm, engaging conversation. She asked about what had brought me there and being a bit nervous I yammered on until …

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Kink at its Best

This review is for a mixed FBSM with take down, tie and tease type session. Communication was prompt and professional. (e-mail and text message) We discussed my prior kink experiences and preferences beforehand, but our session was very intuitive and personal. Her dungeon space is well-equipped, cozy and tastefully decorated: reptile head, devil rubber duckies, original erotic art, and of course her collection of wicked toys. We used her massage table this time, but she has an abundance of other furniture options at her disposal, including a medical exam chair complete with stirrups! I was impressed by her level of cleanliness which is paramount in kinky play, especially when dealing with particularly filthy fetishes. I was nervous. She changed that quickly. At her incall she greeted me in adorable lingerie and encouraged me to hop up on the table as soon as I liked. Yes, she’s the hottie in her pictures. We chatted for a while before getting into things to get a feel for each other, and I can wholeheartedly say that she is easily one of the most …

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Tie and Tease

I had a vivid dream today of seeing Miss Ruby today and am still coming down from the absolutely blissful session. I’m sure it was a dream as an experience this incredible simply couldn’t be real. Let me start with the setting – the location is absolutely perfect. Incredibly private, lots of parking and very VERY discreet. I’ve seen a number of providers over the years and by far this was one felt the safest. Her directions were clear, standard method of communication and she’s incredibly responsive via text or call. For starters – I opted for her massage experience. I know she offers a number of different modalities but made it clear I was only interested in massage. She was incredibly open to this and as someone who has received many, she was pretty damn good. I have no doubt she’d be fantastic if someone were to try one of her other more dominant sessions, however she is also amazing for massage so if you’re on the fence believe me, she’s worth it. Upon entering I was met with …

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The Experience of a Lifetime

GFE Energy in a Dominatrix PackageI am sometimes given to hyperbole, but not for the following: Ruby was AMAZING! I had a minor fetish I was interested in and was recommended to Ruby by a hardcore BDSM provider (Ruby is also a hardcore BDSM provider, but is very flexible in her offerings.) I was told she would be exactly what I was looking for and she was. I usually only see GFE providers, and Ruby was a combination of both GFE and the fetish I wanted. If fact many of our interests were otherwise very compatible. If you’re curious, check out her profile, as she is true to it. Although she does not provide FS or DATY she is in all other respects a GFE provider. The time was amazing, it went by fast, but was never rushed. Ruby is captivating for both her beauty and her intellect. Though I have seen many providers that were top notch it is hard to picture myself seeing another provider after this amazing experience.

GFE Energy in a Dominatrix Package

Amazing! I have spent time with a few lifestyle dommes and a few of the pros. Ruby is the best. She does an amazing job of taking what you give her concerning your needs and making it something you didn’t expect that is much better. I immediately felt at ease when meeting her. As we got to know each other I never felt rushed or judged. The session was the most intense experience I can remember. She truly enjoys her time with people that she has a connection with. For the day and a half that have passed since my session I have felt content and excited. I look forward to the next meeting. I have been told that people say she looks better in person than in photos. This is true, but no photo could capture Ruby!

Ruby is the Best

I’ve been mulling around how to write this review for awhile, and I hope it will do the session justice. First the mechanics, set up was easy. I had the pleasure of doing a meet and greet a few weeks before the session, a nice dinner and drinks. I didn’t have time to see her that night, but I wish I had. When I was able to get my schedule aligned with hers we finally met up. Leading up to the meeting we texted back and forth which allowed us to get to know each other better and start building a real connection. That genuine connection carried through our session and time together. Miss Ruby was extremely generous with her time and she was more than true to her FBSM menu. Our time together was far more than any set of menu items, or experiences. In many ways, I don’t have the words to describe the experience, but it transcended far beyond anything I’ve experienced in the hobby. Ruby has a gift with her hands, and in many ways, she …

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She will leave you feeling Undeniably Better

I can’t even begin to describe the time I spent with Ruby! She is an amazing young woman. She welcomed me I’m and we had an amazing conversation getting to know a bit more about each other. I was very nervous and ready to get right to the main event. But she quickly put me at ease and helped me see how the conversation and connecting would make the rest of our time that much better. She is so nice. I guess as a Dom I expected her to be more harsh, perhaps even mean. But she was exactly what I didn’t know I needed  She was direct, demanding and yet gentle. And she took direct control. After our conversation and me following her commands to disrobe we sat down and talked a bit more. She left me trembling and weak in the knees. Not kidding! I am not going to share all of our private details. But let me tell you that as she “took charge” of me it was clear from the look on my face and the …

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Exactly What I Didn’t Know I Needed

This is my second review of Ruby. Her service is of such a high order I felt it inappropriate to keep this to myself. I have seen Ms. Ruby on several occasions. There are no adequate words to describe her… exquisite might be close, but still is shy. She is a warm, kind, sensual being that is hardcore BDSM. Although I am not into BDSM I can tell you she has EVERYTHING. If I was into it she would be my choice hands down. Her dungeon is in Seattle in a safe and quiet neighborhood. It is very clean and well appointed. On every occasion she builds an amazing experience. She is very versed in anatomy and physiology and it is obvious. She knows just what to do and the best way to do it. Thank you, Ruby for so many phenomenal experiences. You will never be forgotten.

There are no adequate words

My Mind Kept Wandering About The Possibilities..I saw a recent post about a voyeur session. I’ve never had anything near this but it got me interested, I replied. The date was set up. We met at Ruby’s, a very easy place to find. I nervously walked to the door and was greeted by the two ladies who match their photos ever so well! Introductions were made, we sat and talked so they could get a feel of what I was looking for in this session. I was given a tour of the place and must say Ruby has it quite well stocked with playthings! My mind kept wandering about all the possibilities there. Anyway, we figured out what we were going to do, I hid in another room and the ladies came in to play. After…10 or so? Ruby looked up and I was found in my hiding place. Lets say I was appropriately punished within the boundaries of what I had asked for. Wow, how intense! After we all cleaned up and caught our breath we sat and talked …

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My Mind Kept Wandering About The Possibilities..

She’s a Very Sensual Provocateur AND a DominatrixRuby and I have chatted a little via emails over the last couple of weeks and I have to say that my growing interest in her was due in part to her sense of humor and just her overall take on life. Plus she is a sexy and intelligent woman who owns hundreds of high heel shoes, SOLD! She also has a pretty impressive website, it’s got lots of great pics (the pretzel pose is my fav!) and it also has various services to choose from. I opted for more of a fbst kind of session which was perfect because she’s a very sensual provocateur. She is also a dominatrix and some of her fantasy scenarios are not for the faint at heart! <–> sidebar: Will someone please do the slut training and let me how it goes! At my request she let me know in advance that she was coming to Portland, so I scheduled days ahead in anticipation of finally meeting her. Boy was it worth it! If you’re a fan …

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She’s a Very Sensual Provocateur AND a Dominatrix

The Best Hours of My Week and My Life.Since my first review for Miss Ruby I’ve been lucky enough to be able to see Her on a weekly basis. That’s right, hours every week for 4 months. By far THE best hours of each of those weeks, unquestionably. Every week for four months. Four delectable, deviant, endorphin-filled months. Without exaggeration the best four months of my life. Believe it. From our first meeting Miss Ruby put me immediately at ease enough to relate to Her my deepest, darkest, kinkiest fantasies. Every time we meet She makes it Her business to turn those fantasies into my new realities. She genuinely enjoys the personal bond She seeks to have during our time. If you are able to be open, honest, and respectful with Her, She will rock your world. The thing I get my most pleasure from, though, is the personal connection that has grown over time with Miss Ruby. Almost without exception we end our sessions caressing each other. That time at the end of our sessions are what I remember …

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Best Hours of my Week and my Life blank

Set up with Ruby was great and added to the experience. We exchanged multiple emails about what I liked and was looking for and what she provided. She was very responsive and professional and made me want to be with her more. I’ve always been interested in the world of kink and wondered how I might fit into the BDSM equation. It’s not my main cup of tea, but I thought I’d like to do some exploring of sexual territory, and Ruby seemed like a perfect guide. Incall is private and very very cool. She has spent a lot of time making her space look like a vintage gentleman’s private club. I was immediately taken with her looks and her poise. She is beautiful, sexy and powerful – and she was wearing a latex dress! Hot! I wasn’t sure what to do or expect, so she led me over to a comfortable spot for lounging and we proceeded to chat. The inner space was furnished with a massage table and a gasp inducing array of equipment and bondage gear. I …

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I shared my Darkest Fantasies

Saw Ruby online New Years Eve… Been asking her for a 5 min phone session with no luck, and was suprised she was online on New Years. I asked if she’d be interested in a quick session before she stepped out to meet two girls for dates. What a studette! Sent her a gift card she sent some never seen pics, and called me. I stroked to them as she talked naughty to me. What a sexy voice, and I didn’t blow my load cause we started talking normal. She did good at telling me time remaining, like I requested. 5 mins goes fast! So, I asked if I could do 5 mins more, and she obliged… So, I put up my fav pics, and she called back. I made sure I got the job done this time Damn Ruby is fucking AwEsOmE!!! ~Thanks for a nice New Years treat Ruby This online session is great if you want to worship her from afar, and yet hear her sweet voice in your ear. Did I mention her voice is reeeeeally Sexy

Ruby is Awesome

All I can say is Wow! What an experience I scheduled a session with Mistress Ruby she sent me very good details to o find her incall parking was awesome. Ruby opened to he door she was beautiful her hair makeup and attire were stunning! She smelled wonderful also when I entered her incall it’s was clean very orderly everything was great .we sat and talked for a few minutes she made me feel at ease and welcome she asked questions and answered my questions very truthfully  she is not judgemental at all after we began to play Ruby knew exactly what to do her voice is so sweet and her giggle is so hot . I’ve been to other domms in the last 10 years but Ruby topped everyone I was with . I can’t wait to have a second sesson with her. Thank you Ruby you are the best ! 

All I can say is wow!