Heavy Restriction

You enter a dimly lit room, one you know well as it has so often been a feature in your dreams and your fantasies. In those fantasies you are restricted tightly, bound in leather. The smell of which fills your nostrils with every breath. Straps and ropes bind your flesh taut and hold you down, preventing all movement. Your head, encased in leather, is laced tight and bound down to hold it in place and a rubber ball gag tightly secured in place to muffle any noise. You’re encased in leather, straps, rope and more. Completely. Engulfed.

Superior Woman

You may not be up to the challenge, but I am always raring to go. Can you handle a real woman with a real passion for Femdom?

Bound and Not Stirred

Tight ropes encase your form, hoisting you up to the ceiling while you balance on your tip toes. Your sense are removed to force you to focus on all the sensations around you. It is becoming overwhelming but you can only struggle so much, suddenly you are gagged and now you can’t even cry out…

Punishment for The Plaything

Whips, chains, canes, floggers, impact, pressure points, OH MY! You’ll be pushed and pushed and pushed again to the edge of what you think you are capable of handling. When you break, I’ll be there to hold you and pat your head, pull you back together and encourage you to go a little further.

Just a Taste

You don’t know where you fit into kink, you’ve often wanted to explore but never really taken the plunge. Perhaps it wasn’t the right time or maybe it all seemed too intense or too harsh. Just relax and be in the moment with me. We’ll explore together at just the right pace.

Slave Training

You want to be a good boy for me, don’t you? Of course you want to please me and worship me the way that I deserve? You want to make me smile and do everything I ask of you even if it’s difficult. You wouldn’t say no, no matter what I asked… Right? Or at least you’d consider it.

Chastity Forever

You have no need for carnal desires when you’re in service to your Goddess. Or at least they should be controlled by me and you should be giving me the key to your little castle.

Ruby’s Sissy School

With my help you will learn how to be a pretty, obedient girl; You’ll learn how to pick a bra, wear stockings, put on make up, cook, clean, shut your mouth, not talk back and be the perfect girlfriend!

Bimbo Training

Well done, little tramp! You’ve done well! Now you will start to become a bimbo or doll. Through strict protocol I take full control over your mind and brainwash you. I slowly wipe away any thoughts or opinions and create an empty space for you to exist in harmony. Isn’t this nice? Then I slowly open you and wreck you through exhaustive sessions and delightful expeditions and finally, parade you around for for my amusement.

Sensual Seduction

Sometimes you need to be seduced into submission with silky lingerie and a wink and smile before being bound tightly and give up control. I know it’s so hard to surrender sometimes but you’ll forget all about that when I’m distracting you.

Intoxicating Mind Games

I’m in your head, it’s so hard to shake. Under your skin and you can feel my influence everywhere you go. I’m intoxicating and controlling you. You can’t stop thinking about me to matter what you do. Maybe I did something evil to you and got under into your brain.

Fear no Evil

You are troubled, something isn’t quite right and you’re just plodding along. What are your fears? What terrorizes you? Let’s explore that together and eroticize all that darkness. Edge play strictly designed around inducing fear and terror; Let your worst fears become reality. The opposite of pleasure isn’t pain, it’s apathy. It’s time to stop numbing and start living again.

Hello, Nurse!

Have you been a good boy or a bad one? Did you miss your check up with the nurse last month? Naughty, naughty. The lovely Doctor Ruby is displeased. Now, relax while I strap you in to my OBGYN table then turn your head and cough.


Come here, lay down and listen to the sound of my voice. Relax, close your eyes and be at peace, fall deep within yourself and let’s explore what we find in there. You will find yourself obeying me without a second thought. Until finally.. I disarm you and sink deep under your skin while programming you to obey my every whim.

Surrender Yourself

Give yourself over to a woman in control. Bend to my every whim and let me shape you. Bow at my feet when you are not at the mercy of prying eyes and let who you are deep down come out at long last. You will arrive and strip then fall to your knees and place your head at my feet, waiting for my instruction- Allow your mind to finally go blank and let me dictate that pace.

Sissy Boyfriend Transformation

You just started a new relationship and you want to impress your girlfriend, everything is going great until one night when you both have had a few too many drinks. You’re playing a little game of Truth or Dare which starts out innocently enough until you feel embolden to say “dare” a few times. At first she has you wear her panties, then heels, then make up. When you let your guard down for a minute she snaps a couple pictures of you and taunts you with them and tells you that you better do what she says.

Twisted Doctor Visit

You show up for your regular check up and everything is going according to plan except your regular doctor is out and it’s too much of a pain to reschedule to a different day. Fortunately someone else is available and she’s just temporary so you never have to see her again if you don’t want to. Her nurse asks you to put on a gown for some reason. You aren’t one to make a fuss so you comply and the Doctor comes in. She begins the check up and things seem ordinary… At first.

My Human Toilet

This is your first meeting with a woman you met off of Tinder, you go back to her place and after a few drinks find yourself increasingly pliable. She leads you into her bathroom and you notice she doesn’t have a traditional toilet. Instead, she has a strange box like chair with shackles and a funnel. You’re feeling adventurous and curious so you test the device and to your surprise she locks you inside. She asks you if you’d to see what the funnel part is for. Gulp.

Feminine Transformation

You never thought you had too weird of a fantasy but you always felt a little bit of a draw towards BDSM and Femdom yet you could never scratch that itch exactly. Lately you’ve found yourself looking at pictures of beautiful women online and finding yourself preoccupied with their makeup and clothes. You find yourself naturally giving into those desires when you meet the right dominant woman who guides you down the path of femininity. Grooming you: Showing you how to apply make up, wear feminine clothes, walk in heels and eventually more devious things.

Femme Fatale Executrix

You are on a special mission to stop the enemy combatants from getting the secrets from the target and the special agent they’ve assigned is sexy, intoxicating and very deadly. So you have to always have the upper hand. She lures you in, disarms you and knocks you out. You find yourself bound and gagged in a very precarious situation- She’s going to go after the target and she’s going to finish you off in the process.

Domestic Disciplinarian

You’ve been a naughty boy and you know that you’ve displeased Her, which is unforgivable. You’ll have to pay for it and you aren’t looking forward it, you’ll just have to do better next time. You drag yourself home to her and she’s waiting for you with a paddle in her hand, tapping her foot. Worse yet, you’re late. She tells you to bend over her knee and she reluctantly do so. She swats you and you yelp, she just comes down hard next time.

Taken To the Edge

You are always living life in the safe zone, everything seems like it is in shades of grey. Until you meet Her. She amps everything up and she lights your senses on fire. When she touches you, you can’t believe how electrified you feel and you can’t contain it. With each touch you get more amped up until you can’t stand it and she has you in the palm of her hand. You are no longer in control of your reactions and all you can do is give in to her control over you.

Hypnotic Systematic Brainwashing

You’ve been seeing your therapist for several months and it’s all been going well: you enjoy her as a person, your sessions seem to be helpful and she is super hot. However, the last couple of sessions you find yourself missing some of the details of your appointment and you’ve always prided yourself on your great memory. Something is definitely off. This time you’re going to confront her and today is your appointment. Yet when you arrive at her office and sit down in the chair you find yourself strangely compelled to be compliant with whatever she wants and by the end of the appointment you’ve completely forgotten about your complaints. You are just overwhelmed with the desire to obey whatever command your therapist gives you.

Truant Student & The Salacious Teacher

You used to be a good student, you were engaged in class and participated well but you’ve been skipping class and it shows. Your grades have been slipping gradually as you’ve missed more and more school and you even failed your last couple of tests. You risk not passing this class if you don’t take some drastic measures so you decide to stay after class and ask your Teacher what options you have. You’ve always found her attractive, provocative and quite distracting. She informs you that you can do extra work for extra credit but that she won’t be inconvenienced by you so you’ll have to do extra work for her personally too. You ask her to elaborate and she simply asks you to meet her later wherein she’ll give you details. You quickly realize that you are in way over your head and it wasn’t what you thought you were signing up for.


You’re walking alone up a dark alley when you hear footsteps behind you. You look but you don’t see anyone so you pick up the pace. You just have to get around the corner then you’re home free. Then you step past a dumpster and the tiny light above flickers, something clatters behind you.. You walk even faster, almost to the end of the creepy alley. All sorts of horrible thoughts are running through your head, you shouldn’t have taken the short cut this late at night. Finally you’re to the end of alley, at last you can breathe. You stop to take a breath when suddenly you feel hands grasp tightly around you and everything goes dark.

The Experiment

You wake up, strapped on to a table in a dark cold room. Your senses are hazy and you can’t remember exactly how you got there, you just remember the sexy scientist you were having drinks with the night before. You remember she was talking about experiments she was conducting on human subjects and you thought they were voluntary. You’re scouring your memory for what happened after the drinks when in walks a dark cloaked figure with a similar air about her and sense a wicked curiosity, clipboard in one hand and a strange device in the other. You try to scream for help but find yourself instantly gagged and hooded.

Foot Goddess

You have always found yourself drawn to women’s feet for as long as you could remember, you can’t remember when it started but it has always been powerful. In summer you’ve found yourself drawn to bare feet and you love it when you can see the soles of a beautiful woman’s feet. You thought you were in heaven when your girlfriend put her feet in your face for the first time and you couldn’t believe it was happening. Especially when she commanded you to get down on your knees and worship them.

Super Villain Face Off

You have been the reigning caped hero of this town for a long time and no one has could have contested that. Everyone who has tried has fallen or you have come to amicable terms. So this new challenge that has now sprung up should be no issue for you. Or so you think when you enter the battlefield. You find yourself over matched and at her mercy.

You are the Ground I Walk On

You’ve always loved the feeling of weight on top of you, it was unexplainable and you have always loved beautiful feet and gorgeous high heels. It was just a matter of time before the perfect trifecta met together. You were on a date with a woman you had met through a friend and she was wearing perfect spiked heels. You were walking her home and you were in a park, it had rained a few days earlier so the ground was slightly squishy and she told you she didn’t want her heels to sink in. She commanded you get down and crawl before her so she could walk on you instead of the damp ground.

Interrogation Tactics

You have been captured by a beautiful and cruel Interrogatrix Commander General and she has you at her mercy, her lackeys have left you alone. You are at war and she is your enemy that you need to protect your homeland’s security from. There is some protocol in place to keep you safe from harm but you have some important information that she needs to extract from you and nobody’s watching or listening. Will you give up your valuable intel in hopes that she will give you mercy or will you suffer and hold out for a rescue?

Everything From Your Goddess

You crave being a true slave, you want to throw yourself at the feet of a Goddess and worship in every way that you possibly can. Even if it means doing the most vile and disgusting things imaginable, sometimes that is the way you crave to submit. Isn’t it? You long to consume filth and be filthy. Are you hungry for dirt, spit and all sorts of nastiness too? You beg to be on your knees, cleaning the dirt from a beautiful foot. Maybe if you’re lucky enough you’ll get that honor.

Peeping Tom

First you get a peek of your lovely neighbor, she enraptures your thoughts. You can’t get enough and soon just a peek isn’t enough so you sneak in through an open window, hoping you don’t get caught. Just a sniff of her scent should be enough. As you are making your escape your cover is blown and you get cornered. She says she’ll have to punish you with a little smirk on her face.

Chastity for a Week

Locked in cold, hard steel wrapping itself around you, holding you tight and safe. A lock clicking in place, a key being tucked away for safe keeping, far away from your prying eyes and wandering hands. It’s none of your business to be fondling anyways is it? Best to keep it locked away, nice and safe for your Seattle Fetish Mistress.

Camera Star

The click of a shutter drives you nuts and turns you into someone you aren’t normally, it brings out another side of you. The lights, backdrops, make up and outfits make you feel so wild and uninhibited. How far are you willing to go in shedding your normal skin and putting on your new persona? Perhaps you’ll be my new Seattle fetish pornstar.

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