Real Time Sessions

My standard sessions are designed to give you a condensed and powerful experience during an allotted time; Great for those with time sensitive commitments who need to turn off for while. Please note that if you are requesting an outcall, a fee of 60 will be added to the rate listed.
An hour – 300
A brief play session for those tight on time, let go and let your Mistress wash away your worries.
90 minutes – 400
The standard session, free of the rush of the shorter hour session.
Two Hours – 500
An exquisite experience that allows us to get to know each other and gives you the opportunity to build rapport with me.
Two and Half Hours – 600
A delightfully decadent experience, give yourself over to your Mistress and let go.
Three Hours – 700
Sinfully sweet extensive exploration, open yourself up and give yourself over to me. The normal world will not matter here.
Four Hours – 900
Divine dominance will encompass you, whisk you away from reality and you will emerge feeling lighter, brighter and more at peace because you were owned by me.
Six Hours – 1200
Immersive and intoxicating, lose yourself in my web and feel yourself getting wrapped up in my divine presence.
Eight Hours – 1600
The more time we spend together the more you find yourself spellbound and enraptured by me, caught up in me.
Ten Hours – 1800
You’ll be subdued and at my whims, truly at peace and without a care in the world.
Twelve Hours – 2000
Half a day of play is ample time to truly explore and dive deep.. I will take you as deep as you think you can go and then a little further.
A Full Day – 3000
Give yourself over to me completely and be mine for a whole day, lose the world completely and fall under my spell.
A Full Weekend – 6000
Pure decadence incarnate, a truly indulgent experience. Let’s amp up the intensity.
A Week – Please inquire with details
You’ve finally got that vacation time but you don’t want to spend it in the tropics, you want to spend it at my feet where you can truly be yourself and submit to great woman. Maybe you’ll earn the honor of being in my cage.


Specialty Sessions

Specialty sessions are a mix of discounts, educational inquiries and more. For these sessions you will likely need more information, if you click each title you will be taken to a page with more information about that type of session.
Overnight Sessions – Please Inquire
Women Only – Subtract 100
Due to the rarity of requests from women, I offer a specific rate to allow myself to be more accessible to the fairer sex. It’s basically equivalent to the pay inequality issue.

Couples – Add 100
This selection is not elevated because I don’t enjoy this type of play but rather because it is a higher energy output. That being said, I absolutely adore couples.


Instructional Sessions

Private Instruction – 200/hr
For the sake of spreading education, I am offer educational sessions for the general public, couples and more! I cover a wide range of topics from BDSM to how to navigate polyamory.


Long Distance Sessions

Long distance domination sessions are a great way to show your devotion when you cannot be there in person to serve me.
Phone Sessions – 30 minutes/100, 60 minutes/200
Webcam Sessions – 15 minutes/80, 30 minutes/120, 45 minutes/160, 60 minutes/240
Texting/IM – 15 minutes/40, 30 minutes/60, 60 minutes/100


Packages & Contracts

These sessions are designed to create a long term connection between the two of us. You needn’t worry that I will wander off to a new toy because we will be bound by a contract that is sacred to me; You offer your submission, servitude and obedience. In return, I give you my care, loyalty, dominance and divine cruelty.

Long term servitude and slavery contracts are available by custom design currently, please inquire after you have had sufficient time in service to me.

Long Distance Slave Contracts – Customized
I shape and mold you into a better version of yourself, for my use and enjoyment.
Chastity and Keyholding Services – Determined by Involvement, See my Chastity Page
I will hold your keys and require updates from you. I may require you to sign a contract for me. Duration is by a weekly basis.

Seattle dominatrix And seattle bondage educator ruby enrayllsBlonde Seattle Bondage educator Ruby lounges in lingerieObey Seattle Bondage educator Ruby Enraylls

It is extremely important to me that our time together is a positive influence on both of us. I do not view any transaction by the definition of the word but rather as a unique expression of generosity that goes both ways; Every relationship is a give and take and everyone has something different to offer. What you offer me will always be reciprocated with energy, attention, connection and care.

My rates posted here are for time only, I do not offer sessions based on activities. At best, I find that limiting. At worst, asking me for a donation for a specific thing shows me that you don’t really understand what I do and it shows me that you do not see the value in what I am offering.