Hi. Here are some frequently asked questions all neatly wrapped up for you to browse.

What is a Dominatrix?

A dominatrix is a woman who has expertise in BDSM, D/s dynamics, fetish play and fantasy. 

How did you become a Dominatrix?

Slowly over time I have gained many different skills that lend themselves to the art of domination and femdom. It did not happen overnight. I have had an interest in BDSM for as long as I can remember and I have devoted lots of time to my craft.

What elements of BDSM/fetishes are you interested in?

My interests depend on the individual and my mood that day, connection is most important to me and I view different skills or types of play as tools to achieve a head space.. To get an idea of some things I am interested in, read my interests page.

Do you have a dungeon?

Yes. I have a private space that is solely mine, private and dedicated to my practices.

What BDSM toys and furniture are in your dungeon?

Many more than I can actually list. I have something for every fantasy.

Are a Dominatrix and an Escort the same thing?

No. They are independent of each other.  A dominatrix can also be an escort and vice versa. The primary difference is that a dominatrix specializes in BDSM and an escort specializes in more intimate activities.

What outfits does a Dominatrix wear?

I personally wear corsets, catsuits, boots, tall heels, skirts with stockings, bdsm lingerie, spandex, PVC and leather. Browse my photo gallery for a small idea of my collection. If you have a request, please make it with advance notice or provide it.

What are your requirements for a session?

In order to have a session with me you must be at least 18 years old and able to consent. I require some form of screening which you can read about here.

Do you require screening?

Yes. You may read about my screening policies on my sessions page. In short, I need something tangible that proves that you are human.

Is everything I share with a dominatrix confidential?

I take great pride in keeping the confidence of those who serve me. I have no intention of sharing anything that you do not give me explicit permission to share.

What is your preferred session duration?

I prefer longer sessions to shorter ones because I like to build rapport and have long term relationships with people that I play with.

May I call you to schedule a session?

No. I prefer that you fill out my scheduling form if we have not met before. After supplying me with additional information, I would be happy to arrange a phone interview with you. Please do not call me initially.

What information do you need in order to meet me?

My screening protocols ask for links to your social media or references. If you aren’t able to supply these, we can arrange a phone interview or in person interview.

Where is your dungeon located?

My dungeon is in Seattle, Washington. About 5-10 minutes North of Downtown Seattle, 15 minutes from Bellevue and 40 minutes from Seatac Airport.

Can we discuss what I want to do beforehand?

Discretion is extremely important. If you prove yourself to be trustworthy, I am happy to engage in discussion about your fantasies only or have online sessions.

How do I meet a Dominatrix?

It can be intimating to look for a dominatrix but as a submissive you need to impress your prospective Mistress. Google is a great place to start on your journey to finding a Mistress. You could also go to a local munch, BDSM club or join Fetlife. Self exploration and community support is important but the benefits of a professional dominatrix trend towards privacy and expertise.

Mistress, how can I serve you?

By correctly following the protocol outlined on my website for approaching me. You can start here.

Is your Seattle dungeon private?

Yes, I do not share my space with anyone or rent it to anyone else.

Can I/we rent your dungeon?

No, I am strictly private and do not wish to share my space with others. You can absolutely book a couple’s session or an educational session though.

Can I have sex with you?

No, I have nothing against that but that is not an interest of mine. My focus is on obedience, servitude, exploration and BDSM.

Do you specialize in my fetish?

I have many areas of technical expertise, so much so that I tend to mold interactions around mutual moods and interests du jour.

That being said, in more broad strokes my specialties are control, shaping people, eliciting a reaction, sadism, the unusual, interpersonal connection and creating something pretty. Those are applied in oh so many ways it’s difficult to count. Chances are we will have overlap. I find that the details of a fetish or skill are limiting, why limit yourself when you can spend time honing many different skills and then switch between them when the mood strikes?

Do you entertain my fetish?

What I’m not interested in is outlined on my Limits page.

Unless it has a significant chance of causing harm or injury to you or any non easily preventable methods of preventing harm towards me. (Check out my Limits for more info.) I will admit I am quite broad in my definition of “harm”. This is because I play with edge play and I feel that education and realistic assessment are key to not getting hurt.

I am against any lasting damage, permanent injury and extremely high risk of any kind. Your safety and the safety of everyone else involved (including their mental well being) is paramount to me. I feel that everyone should be able to walk away from a scene without lasting effects.

I have never seen a Dominatrix before, will you see me?

Certainly, I am always happy to train a new submissive. In fact I very much enjoy a fresh canvas or someone who has been out of the scene for a while. If you haven’t ever met me before please visit my “Protocol” page.

How do I book with you?

Please visit my contact page for a well rounded walkthrough on how to properly approach me.

Do you offer same day professional dominatrix sessions?

If you are new, I do not offer same day meetings. If we are already familiar and my schedule allows for it, I can meet with you.

How much notice do you need for a session?

My life is very busy and my schedule tends to book out, if you have a specific time that you need I would suggest allowing for as much lead time as possible.

Do you accept credit cards?

No but there are many other digital options. If you must use a digital payment method I would suggest an e gift card. Please ask me what works best for me at the current time. If you are from out of the country there are many different options that should still work.

Will you have any toy I request?

Possibly. My collection is my personal collection and is for my entertainment. If there is a specific thing you’d like the only way to ensure that it will be present is to supply it.

Can I make an outfit request?

It depends on my mood, my plans and what the request is. I can’t promise I can meet every request.

Will you go out with me to dinner/lunch/drinks?

Outside of a session? Generally, no. When you ask this I am assuming that you are attempting to alter the nature of our relationship. If we have a clearly defined dynamic, I may be comfortable doing this but only in the context of a session. If we have scheduled something lengthy, I would be delighted to go out with you.

Can I be your personal servant?

No. When you offer this unprompted it comes across as though you are being disrespectful of the energy that I am putting into you and our dynamic. If we have a long term relationship and I may allow you to do things for me but it will always be at my convenience. Keep in mind, I will always be the one to ask. I am running the show here.

What happens if we see each other in public?

Fight Club Rules apply; Don’t Talk About Fight Club. That is to say that we both pretend not to know each other and give knowing glances.