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Seattle Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls is dressed in black latex with her latex slave in her Seattle BDSM Dungeon where she takes requests for Femdom and mistress sessions

Surrender yourself to The Dark Side
Worship and Submit to the Iconic Seattle Dominatrix Ruby

Come a little closer, why don’t you stay awhile?
You’ve wondered what it would be like to surrender to a dominatrix for a while, haven’t you?
Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. Come join me in devious den of domination. Lose yourself in my world and at my feet.
Allow me to explore, expose your kinky desires and give you a safe, discreet space to bring your fantasies to life.

Please keep in mind, this website is for adults only. If you are not 18, this is your cue to exit.

Hello Adoring Devotee

I am Mistress Ruby, a Seattle Dominatrix and Lifestyle Femdom. I am delighted to welcome you to my website. I invite you to explore to your heart’s content and take in all that I’ve written and created for you to enjoy. I hope what I’ve written resonates with you. Like you, every submissive I’ve played with has at one time simply just been curious and uncertain of their desires. It has been my pleasure to guide the merely curious and advanced BDSM players alike. Having begun my career as a Dominatrix well over a decade ago, I have much experience to draw upon and very little is outside of my scope of practice.

Many Mistresses and Dommes have a specialty, mine is BDSM itself. I live, eat, drink and breathe it, that is why I call myself a Lifestyle Dominatrix. My mind is always running with new ideas for scenes and I take great pride in my craft. I cannot get enough of it, I cannot learn enough about it and I simply love being a Dominatrix. I only wish there were more hours in the day. Whatever idea you have for a scene, no matter how wild, simple or intricate, bring it to me. Let’s plan it.

You may call me Mistress Ruby

Addressing your Mistress with the proper title is part of the fun. I’m sure we’ll have fun finding what title fits us best. For now, you may call me Mistress Ruby, Dominatrix, Your Highness or Goddess. Perhaps just plain Ruby if we’re friends.
Exploration is a curious thing, the more we find the more we long to know. BDSM and myself in particular are similar, we have so much to offer that it feels endless. The limit is merely your imagination.

I invite you to wander this website and see if I may be the right Dominatrix for you. Within these pages you can learn all about my history with BDSM, my interests, how to schedule with me and take a little tour of my Seattle dungeon (which is located a few minutes North of downtown and is very accessible, private and safe.)

About You

You seek an authentic connection with a dominant woman; A powerful seductress who will captivate you and draw you into her all encompassing world of fantasy, BDSM, fetish exploration and domination. You crave a dominant/submissive relationship where you can explore without judgement and discover a new part of yourself. Maybe even a new way of experiencing the world.

Perhaps you have experience with BDSM or maybe you have only had fantasies (I invite you to explore my fantasy page to expand your mind . For extra credit, visit my interests page and see if my proclivities strike a tune with you nd inspire more daydreams of dominant women and BDSM.)

No matter what brings you to me, it would be my pleasure to encourage your exploration of domination and the erotic underworld.

I implore you to look within yourself.

What is holding you back from taking a step further from simply wondering “what if”?

Why a Professional Dominatrix?

A professional dominatrix such as myself has a lot to offer; From extreme discretion to expansive skills to elaborate dungeon set ups and years of unique experience, it is very hard to compete with what we bring to the table.. Personally I have over a decade of lifestyle experience and over a decade as a professional dominatrix in Seattle. I’ve made a point of being well versed in many areas of BDSM and fetish, highly educated and I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. As such I’m always searching for new information, exploring and learning from experts. I have attended countless classes and have spent a significant amount of time adding to my knowledge base. There is a saying that you have to spend thousands of hours o become an expert and lifestyle BDSM players simply don’t have the time. A professional Dominatrix who lives a femdom lifestyle however, is a different story. Furthermore, the environment (my dungeon) is different than you might find otherwise, that is to say that my collection of BDSM gear.

Why Explore BDSM?

Through my experience as a Dominatrix, I have found that a dominant and submissive relationship can be something greater and far more powerful than simply a fun experience (although it is definitively so.) If you open your mind and allow yourself to let go, you’ll be surprised what you can discover. The right connection is critical in this venture, one that I would describe as spiritual, motivational, intimate, powerful and sometimes life changing. A dominatrix can be the best confidant while you are escaping the world on the other side of the door. A non judgmental guide while you kneel before your Goddess, a collar fastened firmly around your neck. More powerful still, a Dominatrix can push you to discover inner strength you never was there while you explore the depths of your desires.

At the end of the day, your desires are your desires. They will always be there, they are a part of you.

Seattle dominatrix Ruby Enraylls the femdom mistress wears black latex while she dominates her lucky bdsm slave

Contact Info, Hours for Seattle Dominatrix Ruby

Phone: 206-486-4960
Contact Page: Contact Info & Scheduling
Contact Form: Schedule Now and Submit to Me
Hours: Daily 8AM-10PM
Twitter: @RubyEnraylls
Instagram: @RubyEnrayllls
Serve Seattle Dominatrix Ruby Daily: Subscribe to my OnlyFans for Slave Tasks and Full Length Femdom videos.

How to Schedule an Appointment with Seattle Dominatrix Ruby

In order to meet with me, I require you to complete my screening form. It is simple, straight forward and relatively painless. You may reach out via text or email first but you must complete the form as well. If you feel most comfortable relaying sensitive over email, that is just fine. Once you’ve completed my screening requirements, I will send you the passphrase that will give you access to use my scheduling calendar. You will be able to see my available hours and schedule directly there.

It’s natural to be nervous but that is okay. Perhaps reading my little guide on what to expect from your first domination session will help ease your mind. Be sure to read my Frequently Asked Questions section as well, I’m sure you will find it informative.

Seattle Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls the perfect Femdom mistress has her beautiful feet worshipped by her lucky slave
Bespoke Seattle Femdom Sessions with Seattle Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls

Seattle Femdom, BDSM and Fetish Sessions

I offer Dominatrix and BDSM sessions in Seattle. My domination style ranges from Classical Femdom to Sensual Domination, Fetish focused Sessions, Slave Training and everything in between. I welcome everyone of all experience levels into my Seattle dungeon.

I am unlike any other Dominatrix, every one of my scenes is unique and curated to the individual. I enjoy taking my time getting to know you and understanding what pushes your buttons. BDSM, Femdom and sexuality are what I would call my special interests. I feel driven to know as much as possible about the inner workings of people and how their sexual self image fits into the rest of that framework. In my Seattle dungeon, you will find yourself telling me your innermost secrets. You will feel as though you are sharing them with an old friend. I will tease your most salacious desires from you and assist you in making space for them. Let’s talk about your Fantasies.

The act of domination and submission becomes an intricate partnered dance when two people work well together. For example, what input I give you, you return and vice versa. Everything is dynamic and mutual. My abilities as a dominatrix are quite broad and my skillset is versatile. From soft and sultry to stern and commanding and everything in between. We’ll be sure to discover our own unique harmony.

A scene can be escapism. A way to reset or a very pure way to express ourselves, free of judgement and away from the rest of the world. I love creating that and seeing what I’ve dreamed up, with and for my partner, come to life. Who wouldn’t?

I look forward to pushing each and every one of your buttons, twisting your mind and testing your body.

Chemistry with your Dominatrix is Key

The most important thing you can have with a partner is chemistry. I encourage you to explore what I have written on my blog. Read all that you can about me to see if we are a good fit. The more you get to know me, the more you will appreciate how much are and attention I put into my interactions with my submissives, slaves and play partners. It is my hope that you will open yourself up, allow me to explore your mind and pull you into my realm.

I’m incredibly multifaceted as a person and as a dominatrix. Likewise, I’m highly skilled in the realm of domination as well as the vanilla world. You will find me to be charming, analytical and disarming as I take down your walls and allow you be yourself in my presence. Unincumbered and unburdened.

Seattle Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls looks very dominating and commanding in all black latex before a femdom session

About Seattle Dominatrix Ruby

Authenticity, creativity and genuine power shine through me and I burn bright; I am not a woman who wears a mask in order to become what you see here. I just am what you see.

I’ve spent many years honing my craft and exploring the minds and bodies of those who seek my company. I have a myriad of talents and a thirst for knowledge that is unquenchable. Those who choose to pledge a piece of themselves to me find something about me to be intangibly magical and irresistible.
I wonder what resonance we might find.

I’m a yes woman. That doesn’t mean I don’t have limits, that means I want to take your fantasy, the essence of what is important about it, and turn it into reality. I also want to keep you safe during the experience. I want to be the guard rails while you are given the opportunity to enjoy the roller coaster with reckless abandon. This means we need to trust each other, it also means you need be open with me and level with me.

Being a Dominatrix or a Mistress is more than wearing the outfit

I’ve been interested in femdom and BDSM for as long as I can remember. I feel drawn to the domination space for a wide variety of reasons. The more you get to know me, the more you will appreciate how much care and attention I put into my interactions.

I am incredibly multifaceted as a person and as a dominatrix. Likewise, I’m highly skilled in the BDSM realm and the vanilla world. I’m a funny blend of science and art, dork and fashionable.

Can anyone’s spirit be captured adequately in a photo? I don’t think so but we can try.
My favorite photos are ones that ooze erotic energy, power, passion and are so hypnotic you keep coming back to them. The ones that are just plain pretty are fun too.
Insofar as technical details I stand around 5’9″ tall, with hypnotic green eyes, long blonde hair, soft pale skin and an athletic but curvy frame. Take a peek at my photos to get a feel for what I look like. However, my social media accounts do get daily attention.

See My Testimonials

Others love me, you will too. See what they had to say.

seattle dungeon of seattle dominatrix ruby

Seattle Dungeon & BDSM Equipment

My dungeon is extremely well equipped, to put it lightly. I have outfitted it with many pieces of furniture from Style Fetish, Fetters UK, Metal Bound and Dungeon Delights that I think any submissive will find delightful.

I curate many different experiences and I strive to be prepared for anything you can dream up. From Medical Fetish Sessions to all Steel Dungeon/Prisoner experience.

Have you ever wondered what a BDSM Dungeon looks like or what a professional dominatrix’ collection of toys and treasures is like? Wonder no more. I invite you to explore my Digital Dungeon Tour. I am always adding to my equipment list, furniture collection and decorating/improving upon my already exquisite dungeon so I encourage you to visit often! Take a look at the gallery on the page linked above to get an idea of what to expect.

Dungeon Location in Seattle

My Seattle Dungeon is located 10 Minutes North of Downtown Seattle and 30 Minutes North of Seatac Airport via I5. 15 Minutes East of Downtown Bellevue on SR520. It is extremely accessible, has free street parking, is located discreetly and privately. It is near several major bus lines and is close to a handful of hotels.