Welcome to the Lair of Seattle Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls

Hello Loyal Subject,

Welcome to the lair of Seattle Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls. Perhaps you are looking to explore BDSM, domination, femdom, fetish and kink. Maybe you are simply looking for a new experience altogether. Either way, I suspect you crave a connection with a dominant woman that transcends the bounds of normality; A secret world outside the box in which in you normally operate. Somewhere free of the constraints of anxiety, worrying about having to make decisions and being the keeper of your own fate with the weight of the world on your shoulders. Welcome my new pet, that space is called “submission”. Isn’t it good to be at the cusp of being at the feet of a Seattle Dominatrix?

Be warned, the world of BDSM, femdom and domination is not quite as depicted in common Femdom pornography- Through my experience as a Dominatrix, I have found that it is something greater and far more powerful, if you allow it to be. While also a fun past time, the right connection with the right person can be empowering, life changing and very spiritual. It can also just be a simple fun escape and exploration of a fantasy you have always had and a place to let go of everything that normally keeps you constrained. Submission gives you a place to let go of all the hustle and bustle inside of your head. Allow someone else to take the reins and give you a different mental space for a little while. For someone in control all day, it can be exhausting to have the entire world resting on your shoulders. Let me invite you into my world and take the burden for a while.

Whether you are seeking to explore the realms of of your most erotic femdom fantasy, to give yourself over in total submission, to fantasize only about what could be and talk about it, to experience something new or to discover something intangible you have found yourself here and I’m sure the reason for this meeting will make sense to both of us in due time. For now, you have found yourself at my feet and my whims- Let’s get to know each other. I invite you to browse these pages, regardless of your experience level and to reach out if you have questions.

Allow me to introduce myself

I am the mysterious feminine creature you have always dreamt of in hazy wandering lustful daydreams of being under someone else’s control but could never quite manifest. The femme fatale in slick outfits that just leave enough to the imagination. The woman who you fantasize about being your mistress, who is always in control of the situation and has you under her thumb despite the fact that you always the one in control. The deviant seductress who enraptured men in your favorite TV show and drove them to do her dastardly whims. The overtly commanding and lustful teacher in your class who made you weak at the knees.

In this space, we can be anyone we want and I am anyone you need to be, allow me inside your head and I’ll take you deep down inside my world for a little while. My name is Mistress Ruby Enraylls and it is my pleasure to have you in my claws.

I am a passionate woman in all things I hold dear: I am a refreshingly intelligent conversationalist, wickedly funny, intuitive with the application of skills and other-worldly in both looks and demeanor. I am a modern day renaissance woman, a force to be reckoned with and devastating mistress. As a woman I am wired differently; I am calculating but incredibly charming. I radiate seductive and erotic energy that will almost literally put you under a spell if you aren’t careful- don’t worry though, the well-being of my playmates matters to me.

Genesis of a Seattle Dominatrix

What should you expect?

When I open the door, you will be met by a tall, ethereal blonde Seattle Dominatrix with piercing green eyes. I will calculate and scan your every move without judgment or prejudice. I will invite you past the threshold of my door, our eyes will meet and you will feel a wave of understanding wash over you. A strange feeling will grow within you while you are in my presence. Suddenly it will dawn on you. You will realize that you have found a home at my feet.

In sessions, I am myself and it is my goal to make you better for having known me. Sometimes this means pushing you in unexpected ways and that means you need to put yourself in my hands, completely. I will expect you to communicate clearly with me and trust me. In my mind a scene is created by two people and we have to lean on each other. To me this is not just about being a cruel harsh mistress, this is about connecting on another level too and I revel in that. I hope you will too.

When you arrive, it is my hope that you will leave your responsibilities, worries, fears, anxieties, troubles, issues, problems, trauma, etc. At the door along with your shoes so that we can both see each other clearly. When we see each other clearly, we can exploit that and go deeper than the frivolous.

To avoid making mistakes, carefully read my protocol page and get a feel for my expectations of you.

Arrange an Appointment with Seattle Dominatrix Ruby

My schedule is flexible and although I prefer to take bookings between the hours of 8am and 10pm on weekdays, and 11am and 11pm on weekends. My evening and weekends availability goes quickly. Advanced booking is highly recommended, I generally do not take same day requests so please be thoughtful when requesting time.

To follow the proper protocol when approaching me, please use the page linked below to arrange a meeting with me. Your obedience will be rewarded.

Click Here To Schedule

That link will take you to a secure form where your information will be temporarily stored then deleted and will be sent to an encrypted email, that form itself is also encrypted.

If you have never seen me before, please note that you may be asked for a small non-refundable deposit. To read more about my Protocol expectations and policies please visit that page here.

On a more practical note, my play space is nestled in a private, residential part of Seattle a few minutes north of downtown. Fortunately, parking is usually easy to come by. The space itself is located on the ground floor of an old Victorian era house that has been well maintained and spectacularly modified, perfectly fit for the discerning dominatrix. I have worked very hard to build my toy collection and the amenities that are available. To check them out, please visit my Seattle Dungeon page.

I look forward to hearing from you and I hope we make a meaningful connection that empowers us both to be better versions of ourselves.
-Seattle Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls

Seattle Dominatrix, Beyond the internet

Late last year I was on a Youtube channel called Cut, actually come to think of it you may see me in more than just their Guess my Fetish video but I always appear as a token Prodomme. If you want to get a feel for who I am or just see that I do actually exist, take a watch below.

Seattle dominatrix Ruby Enraylls on a rare trip outside her Seattle dungeon, wearing a shiny black corset and brandishing a riding crop
Seattle Dominatrix and Seattle Mistress Ruby Enraylls in her tight laced black pvc corset, 
 a true goddess of Femdom and fetish

Seattle dominatrix Ruby enraylls in Her Dungeon wearing a leather corset and leather thigh high boots in her seattle dungeon.

Other ways to Serve Seattle Mistress Ruby

Can’t meet in Seattle? Too timid to approach your Mistress in the flesh just yet? That’s quite alright, Your Mistress understands. Take a moment and check out some of my erotic Femdom oriented media and fall under my spell from afar. You’ll be in my clutches in no time.
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Get a taste of the Dominatrix Experience, try a clip!

Get to know your Mistress through Social Media

I know, you’re nervous about the prospect of meeting a Seattle Dominatrix. I am an open book and I invite you to explore my online presence.

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