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Hello Adoring Devotee,

Welcome to the website of Seattle Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls, the fantastic Femdom Mistress of your dreams.

You seek an authentic connection with a dominant woman; A powerful seductress who will captivate you and draw you into her all encompassing world of fantasy, BDSM, fetish exploration and domination. You crave a dominant/submissive relationship where you can explore without judgement and discover a new part of yourself. Maybe even a new way of experiencing the world. Perhaps you have experience with BDSM or maybe you have only had erotic femdom fantasies and wandering lustful daydreams of BDSM and dominant women. Regardless, it would be my pleasure to encourage your exploration of femdom, domination and the erotic underworld. I would be delighted to be your guide.

You may call me Mistress Ruby, Dominatrix or Goddess or just plain Ruby.
Exploration is a curious thing, the more we find the more we long to know. BDSM and myself in particular are similar, we have so much to offer that it feels endless. The limit is merely your imagination.

I implore you to look within yourself.

What is holding you back from taking a step further from simply wondering “what if”?
Seattle dominatrix Ruby Enraylls lounges in tall shiny thigh high boots, your perfect fantasy femdom mistress.

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Explore the Extraordinary and Escape the Ordinary

Phone: 206-486-4960

Email: RubyEnraylls@protonmail.com

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Booking Information: See my Contact Page

Online Sessions: Phone, Videos, Daily Worship

Location: Seattle, WA

Hours: 9am to 11pm

Daily Slave Training and Tasks on OnlyFans

I am exclusively available for in person sessions in Seattle only at this time. (Updated August 2020) By special request, I may travel to you.

As with any dominatrix, obedience is rewarded. There are lots of small details that are quite useful to know about arranging a domination session. I’m sure you have plenty of questions. For all information regarding arranging a session simply visit my Contact Page. After doing so, you are welcome to reach out to me. If you have additional questions or concerns please check out my FAQ page.

Please take the time and consideration to read about my Contact page, your efforts will be rewarded.

Obey Seattle Mistress Ruby and BDSM Porn Star, learn to be her perfect slave, find your place under her commanding whip.

Bespoke BDSM and Femdom

Everyone has their own opinion, every artist their own style. That is exactly what Femdom is- An Art.

It is no secret that a dominant woman is an erotic thought and a powerful image. The classic imagery of a woman dressed in a corset and boots is striking, as is the whip wielding disciplinarian in a skirt and stockings. BDSM is an immensely creative space that is ripe for expression, what draws you to BDSM or your fetish? What is your femdom fantasy? Those are questions we will answer together.

When it comes to BDSM, domination and submission becomes an intricate partnered dance; What input I give you, you return and vice versa. Everything is dynamic and mutual. I am very versatile as well and broad in my abilities as a dominatrix. From soft to stern and everything in between, we’ll be sure to find our own unique harmony.

Read more about my BDSM and Femdom Sessions

Femdom Porn and Online Femdom Slave Training

Can’t meet in Seattle? Too timid to approach your Mistress in the flesh just yet? Curious about Femdom Hypnosis or long distance domination? That’s quite alright, Your Mistress understands. Take a moment and check out some of my erotic Femdom oriented media and fall under my spell from afar. You’ll be in my clutches in no time.
2020 has taken some strange turns but there is no reason that we can’t enjoy our time and still play. Many Mistresses have taken to online femdom sessions and creating femdom porn. I have been doing both for a number of years, albeit not as dedicated as some big names.
If you’re looking for a daily dose of me and general Femdom Slave Training, I have options for that. I post videos everyday, I have a premium Snapchat and I offer custom online training packages.
Check out my OnlyFans and other Online Sessions.

I have a rather large catalogue of clips/femdom videos available for sale as well in a variety of different genres. If you don’t see something that strikes you, simply request a custom.
To directly purchase my videos, you have many options as well!
Click here to purchase my femdom videos.

About Mistress Ruby

Authenticity, creativity and genuine power shine through me and I burn bright; I am not a woman who wears a mask in order to become what you see here. I just am what you see.

I have spent many years honing my craft and exploring the minds and bodies of those who seek my company. I have a myriad of talents and a thirst for knowledge that is unquenchable. Those who choose to pledge a piece of themselves to me find something about me to be intangibly magical and irresistible.
I wonder what resonance we might find.

I am a yes woman. That doesn’t mean I don’t have limits, that means I want to take your fantasy, the essence of what is important about it, and turn it into reality. I also want to keep you safe during the experience. I want to be the guard rails while you are given the opportunity to enjoy the roller coaster with reckless abandon. This means we need to trust each other, it also means you need be open with me and level with me.

I have been interested in femdom and BDSM for as long as I can remember. I feel drawn to the domination space for a wide variety of reasons. The more you get to know me, the more you will appreciate how much care and attention I put into my interactions.

I am incredibly multifaceted as a person and as a dominatrix. Likewise, I am highly skilled in the BDSM realm and the vanilla world. I am a funny blend of science and art, dork and fashionable.

Can anyone’s spirit be captured adequately in a photo? I don’t think so but we can try.
My favorite photos are ones that ooze erotic energy, power, passion and are so hypnotic you keep coming back to them. The ones that are just plain pretty are fun too.
Insofar as technical details I am around 5’9″, with hypnotic green eyes, long blonde hair, soft pale skin and an athletic but curvy frame. Take a peek at my photos, to get a feel for what I look like. However, my social media accounts do get daily attention.
Both mild and wild Seattle Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls offers Bdsm and Femdom sessions, learn more about Mistress Ruby's personal style

Learn more about me and how I became a dominatrix

How Seattle dominatrix Ruby Enraylls became a dominatrix and more about her history with BDSM

Why Explore BDSM?

Through my experience as a Dominatrix, I have found that a dominant and submissive relationship can be something greater and far more powerful than simply a fun experience (although it is definitively so.) If you open your mind and allow yourself to let go, you’ll be surprised what you can discover. The right connection is critical in this venture, one that I would describe as spiritual, motivational, intimate, powerful and sometimes life changing. A dominatrix can be the best confidant while you are escaping the world on the other side of the door. A non judgmental guide while you kneel before your Goddess, a collar fastened firmly around your neck. More powerful still, a Dominatrix can push you to discover inner strength you never was there while you explore the depths of your desires.

At the end of the day, your desires are your desires. They will always be there, they are a part of you.

Why a Professional Dominatrix?

A professional such as myself offers a unique skill set that you don’t often find. Personally I have over a decade of lifestyle experience and over 8 years as a professional dominatrix. I have made a point of being well versed, highly educated and I have a unquenchable thirst for knowledge. As such I am always searching for new information, exploring and learning from experts. I have attended countless classes and have spent a significant amount of time adding to my knowledge base. Furthermore, the environment (my dungeon) is different than you might find otherwise, that is to say that my collection of gear and skill level is higher than average due to my hours of practice.
Seattle dominatrix, femdom mistress and latex model ruby enraylls wears all black in a shoot

What should you expect in a session with a Dominatrix?

Every interaction is different and it is important to remember that. When first meeting a dominatrix, it is important to communicate your limits and desires while being respectful of her. If she has as Protocol page on her site, read it. It goes without saying that you should be respectful of her protocols and follow them to the best of your ability. A dominatrix typically doesn’t make rules without reason.

When it comes to BDSM I endeavor to create an environment that allows my submissives or slaves to grow and to gained something positive from my presence in their lives. One of my other main focuses is connection, you will find me to be open and welcoming regardless of who you are. Your safety, security and peace of mind matter to me, as does your comfort with me. (Soon I may be testing you, after all.)

When you arrive, it is my hope that you will leave your responsibilities and everything that may cause you anxiety or stress at the door. I strive to create an alternate world where we both can escape for a brief period and you can explore devotion as well as submission.

arrange a femdom session or bdsm session with Seattle dominatrix Ruby for boot worship or toilet slavery
On a more practical note, my play space is nestled in a private, residential part of Seattle a few minutes north of downtown. Fortunately, parking is usually easy to come by. The space itself is located on the ground floor of an old Victorian era house that has been well maintained and spectacularly modified, perfectly fit for the discerning dominatrix. I have worked very hard to build my toy collection and the amenities that are available. To check them out, please visit my Seattle Dungeon page.

I look forward to hearing from you and I hope we make a meaningful connection that empowers us both to be better versions of ourselves.
-Seattle Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls

Interviews, Femdom Blog and Femdom Videos

I might look familiar to you if you are a fan of the Youtube studio Cut. I have been a token Dominatrix in several of their videos where I provide informational material about BDSM as well as humor. If you want to get a feel for the more lighthearted side of my personality (and to confirm that you can be comfortable with me) check out some of the videos I did with them. I have them linked on my Femdom Videos page. For further reading about me, feel free to check out my Femdom blog and stay up to date with my writing among other things.

What Others Are Saying about Seattle Mistress Ruby

Mistress Ruby Helped Me Get My Mojo Back
I was in a deep funk, after thinking about the type of people I wanted to emulate I ended up looking at, dominatrices, litigation attorneys, etc

I cannot recommend this approach and Ruby enough – if you need to better manage the men in your life, take back control of a situation(s) or simply remind yourself that you are a brilliant, strong woman that men should worship, Ruby is the lady who can get you there! Fair warning though, she is distractingly lovely, so you do have to work to pay attention, not that she would let you get away with being inattentive! Thank you, Mistress Ruby!!

I Shared My Secret Desires, It Was A Fantastic Experience
I’m very grateful to this beautiful and smart woman for introducing me to BDSM in such a professional and safe manner.

Ruby was very gentle with me yet confident in everything she was doing. It was a fantastic experience: I told Ruby about my secret desires and she did not reject me - instead, she helped me to fulfill them.

Mistress Ruby is the Perfect Domme!
she is really a Goddess I feel a huge desire to please. I wonder what base desires she could coax out of me.

I had always wanted to see a dominatrix but was always kind of scared because the thought of pain or doing humiliating tasks was something I wasn't sure I could handle. She completely respected my boundaries and it was GREAT!!!!!

Get to know Mistress Ruby through Social Media

I know, you’re nervous about the prospect of meeting a Seattle Dominatrix. I am an open book and I invite you to explore my online presence.
I can be found on Twitter, Instagram and OnlyFans and many other social media sites. Remember, many people are out there pretending to be me. There is only one Seattle Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls.

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