Visit My Seattle BDSM Dungeon

Welcome to Seattle Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls’ Private Seattle Dungeon – an epicenter of BDSM and fetish delights for any submissive to drool over. My Dungeon is my peaceful, private corner of the world, safe and tucked away from everything. It’s my escape, and it can be yours too.

In my safe little corner of the world, you will find yourself feeling cozy and comfortable. I have created a cozy, intimate space using deep red hues, gold accents, wallpaper, drapes, dark woods, and lots of restored antique furniture. It has been described as having an old-world feel – very Victorian mixed with something like a mystic opium den. However, smoking is not permitted.

Where is your Seattle BDSM Dungeon Located?

My Seattle Dungeon is located 15 minutes north of downtown Seattle. It is about 45 minutes north of Seatac Airport via I-5 and 20 minutes west of downtown Bellevue on SR520.

Does your Seattle Dungeon have parking?

Certainly. My dungeon is located in a residential area and offers free street parking. It is also easily accessible by foot, cab, or bus.

Can I/we rent your dungeon?

I am sorry for any spelling or grammatical mistakes in my previous response. Here is the corrected version:

No, I am strictly private and do not wish to share my space with others. However, you can absolutely book a couple’s session or an educational session. For booking information, please click here.

What gear and furniture do you have?

My dungeon is extremely well-equipped, to put it lightly. I have outfitted it with many pieces of furniture from Style Fetish, Fetters UK, Metal Bound, and Dungeon Delights that I think any submissive will find delightful.

I curate many different experiences and I strive to be prepared for anything you can dream up. From Medical Fetish Sessions to all Steel Dungeon/Prisoner experience.

Allergies & Handicap Accessibility

Unfortunately, my Seattle dungeon is not handicap accessible due to several flights of stairs.
It is smoke-free and pet-free. I use hypoallergenic products, and the air is HEPA filtered and cleaned with an industrial-grade UV cleaner.

Dungeon Equipment & BDSM Furniture

How do you clean your dungeon & gear?

My dungeon itself is deep cleaned at least once a week, from the floor to every surface. For toys, I use a multi-step cleaning process that varies depending on the material, the type of contact the item has, and what may have gotten on the item. For example, with ball gags, I first spray them with disinfectant, scrub them with hot water and soap, spray them with disinfectant again, and then rinse them thoroughly.

My Seattle BDSM Gear and Toys

My Seattle dungeon and BDSM gear collection is ever-expanding, growing, and updating. Unfortunately, there is a good chance that this list will be outdated soon, but the good news is that I can surprise you with something new regularly! I’m always looking for the perfect bondage chair for the session I’ve dreamt up and to find hoods to fit everyone. I even have several pieces of furniture in storage. A full gear and furniture list can be found below the gallery.
That being said, if you own something that works for you already and really want something, or something that fits your body like a glove, bring it. Why? Have you seen how many different shapes and sizes of bodies there are? Try as I might, it’s impossible to perfectly fit everyone, but I’m on a quest to make that happen anyway. (Let’s just say I’m a collector, and I have some specific visions that have been inspired by particular people and artists.)

Seattle Dungeon Gear List

BDSM Furniture
  • Super Boomer Medical Bondage Chair
  • Metal St Andrew’s Cross
  • Hellcat Bondage Bench
  • Plush Milking Table with Tie Downs
  • Full Length Sleeping Cage
  • Padded Steel Fuck Bench
  • Floor Stockade
  • Stryker Professional Fucking Machine
  • Venus 2000 Milker
  • Serious Kit Milker
  • Heated & Adjustable Massage Table
  • Wood CBT Table
  • Toilet Box Chair
  • OBGYN Table
  • Lucifer’s Chair
  • Ceiling Hard Points
  • Thick Solid Wood Bondage Board
  • Solid Steel Upright Standing Cage
  • Steel & Padded Spanking Bench
  • Liberator Couch with Stage
  • A Lovely Jetted & Heated 7 foot Tub
Bondage Equipment
  • ROPE; Hemp, jute, synthetic, cotton and silk in many lengths
  • Leather Hoods
  • PVC Hoods
  • Spandex Hoods
  • Latex Hoods
  • Sensory Deprivation Hoods
  • Breath Play Hoods
  • Gas Masks
  • Muzzles- Darlex, Leather
  • Gags
  • Ball Gags, Various sizes
  • Bit Gags
  • Spreader Gags & Dental Gags
  • O-Ring Gags
  • Full Face Harness Gags
  • Spreader bars; variety of lengths in wood and steel
  • Shackles in steel, attached to bars and non-attached
  • Tie down points on various furniture
  • Heavy Leather cuff sets
  • Several gauges of chain
  • Tons of Locks
  • Collars and leads in leather, nylon, chain and rubber
  • Leather Straight Jackets
  • Canvas Straight Jackets
  • Strappado Style Leather Arm Binders
  • Leather Arm Binders/restrictors
  • Nylon Body Bag
  • Darlex Body Bag
  • Leather Sleep Sacks
  • Pallet Wrap/Mummification Supplies
BDSM Equipment
  • Leather and synthetic hoods in full face, open mouth, open eyes and locking varieties
  • Blind folds in velvet, nylon and leather
  • Humbler and other CBT devices
  • Heavy Ball Weights
  • Kali’s Teeth
  • Gates of Hell
  • The Magic blind fold by Scott Paul
  • The Humiliator Gag System
  • Ball gags; Red large ball, black small ball, locking, non locking
  • Dildo gags; Inflatable and locking
  • Puppy play gag
  • Funnel Gag
  • Chastity Devices
S&M Implements
  • Clover Clamps
  • Pinch Clamps
  • Clothes Pins; Plastic, metal and wood
  • Single Tails; 2 foot, 3.5 foot, 4 foot, 5 foot, 6 foot and 9 foot
  • Riding Crops; standard, novelty, dressage whips, short crops, rubber crop, punishment crop
  • Canes; plexiglass, carbon fiber, pine, nylon, leather, novelty, oak, bamboo
  • Paddles; Metal, wood, plastic, leather, bullet proof glass
  • Canes; rattan, plastic, wood
  • Leather Gloves
  • Night Sticks and other such heavy impact toys
  • Unusual Impact Toys
  • Vampire Gloves
  • Floggers; Various leathers ranging from very light to very heavy
  • Claws; Several intensities
Electrical Toys
  • Erostek EB-312
  • Estim 2B Power Box
  • Estim Sounds
  • Etim Loops
  • Estim Clamps
  • Estim Plugs (Many Sizes)
  • Estim CBT
  • Estim Wartenberg Wheels
  • Neon Wand
  • Expansive Violet Wand Kits with Accessories
  • PES Box with Add ons
  • Hospital Grade Tens Unit
  • Red Zapper
  • Cattle Prod
  • Stun Guns
  • Electric Fly Swatter
  • Tens Unit
  • Devil’s Toy
  • Dog Shock Collar

Feminization Items
  • Wigs in all colors
  • Stockings and tights
  • Lingerie
  • Panties (Size Medium-4XL)
  • Bras (Size 36C-40D)
  • Garters (Medium-Extra Extra Large)
  • Corsets (Waist size 24-44)
  • Heels (Size Womens 8-16)
  • Full Outfits (Limited Sizes)
  • Make Up (Very large collection but if you want a full look, be prepared to do some shopping)
  • False Breasts (Large Collection of Sizes)
Medical Equipment
  • Cupping Kit
  • Speculums
  • Sounds
  • Needles (6g-30g)
  • Play Piercing Supplies
  • Sutures and Staples
  • Medical Table
  • Medical Muzzle
  • Medical Restraints
  • Medical Knives and Scalpels
  • Enema Kits
  • Stethoscope and White Coat
ADBL Items
  • Diapers in Many Colors
  • Onesies for Dress up
  • Sissy Dress up
  • Plastic Pants
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Coloring Books
  • Finger Paints
  • Baby Food
  • Bottles
  • Pacifiers

Curious? Come see my Seattle Dungeon for yourself!

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