Explore a summary of my interests on this page, click the link on each description for more detail. Keep in mind this is not an exclusive list but is meant to give you an idea of my style and approach towards BDSM.

Str*p On/Role Reversal

You think you’re the man on top? Think again. In my kingdom, the woman always reigns supreme.

Bondage, In All Forms

Explore every type of bondage with me as your guide. I have everything the heart could desire: Beautiful Rope, Strict leather cuffs, Cold steel devices, Hoods of all materials, arm binders to fit any body, straightjackets, sleepsacks for full encasement, cages to hold you all night, devices to keep you in just the right place.. I have equipment to fit all your fancies.

Let your guard down, trust your Mistress and give yourself permission to go as deep into sub space as you want. Let my hands and bondage be your guide… Feel captured, experience strict control taking over your body- Quite Literally.


Domination is such a simple concept but it has so many meanings. To give up control is the easiest way to describe it. What does it mean to you?

Corporal Punishment and Discipline

Have you been naughty? Do you need correction and encouragement t stay in line? Mistress is more than happy to help. Or Mommy/Ma’am if it’s something a little more domestic.

Sadism and Impact Play

Masochism is like the enjoyment of spicy food; It’s not for everyone. That’s okay, I’m not going to force anything upon anyone. However, you may find yourself begging for things you never ever fathomed once you’ve opened your mind a little and tasted the flavor of a very skilled whip.

Tie and Tease

Explore the thrill of being expertly bound by your Mistress and then expertly teased.. What hits your buttons? Exquisite Rope bondage? Ridge Leather Cuffs? Handcuffs? Mummification, full encasement or a Sleepsack? A Steel Device that holds you exactly in place? Let’s explore together.

Let your guard down, allow my sensual touch to pull you in deeper, feel captured, experience strict control over your body- Quite Literally.

Chastity dominatrix ruby enraylls

Chastity and Org*sm Control

Your pleasure belongs to me. It always has, you just didn’t know it If you’re in my presence, I can train you and exert control. If you aren’t, then I can control you remotely and instruct your daily routines. It feels good to know where you stand, doesn’t it?

Imprisonment and Long Scenes

Why stay for a short amount of time when I can lock you up and hold the key in my possession? Maybe I’ll be back shortly to torment you, maybe I’ll leave and return later. Your job to is make it through your imprisonment. I may give you a way out if you can’t stand it.

Femdom Hypnosis Mistress Ruby Pendulum

Hypnosis and Mind Control

mIN d bL AN k H E A D E M P T Y

Fall under my very literal spell- The Spell of Erotic Hypnosis. I will manipulate your mind and your experiences. All you need to do is say “Yes Mistress” when I say “Deep Sleep Now.”

Human Toilet

The ULTIMATE submission- Consuming what comes from your Goddess. First maybe you’re just into lovely asses or maybe you love scents like sweat. It spirals out of control until you need to explore more, fantasizing about everything waste related. Sweat Fetish, Scat Fetish, Golden Showers, Vore related fantasies..

Body Worship

Everything you do within our time together is for both of our enjoyments, is it not? You’re going to focus on me though. Do what I say, do what I like and follow my lead. You do want to be the best subject in my kingdom, don’t you?

film slave sessions with seattle dominatrix ruby enraylls

Film and Photography

Have you ever wanted to be a film slave? A Porn Star? Had your own boudoir photoshoot? Fabulous. This is for you then. My filmed sessions (for my use) require a certain length, are structured and I require you to sign a release. For your own personal enjoyment, we can add film or photography to our scene, varying in degrees of complexity and commitment.


Wear it up, wear it down, what’s the best way that you’ve found? Can you be the best I’ve ever seen? With a little instruction and some training, you bet your booty.

Medical Play

So many different ways to interpret those memories you have of uncomfortable doctor’s visits, fortunately we have the time and I have the equipment too back up my imagination.

Slave Training

Beyond kinks, fetish and playtime- Pledging your devotion to your Mistress shows that you are dedicated and trust that I am going to control and shape you in just the right ways for you. Everything from high protocol to domestic servitude and everything in between.


It feels so wrong and feels so right; So good to be broken down, to have all your hot buttons pushed


Bent over, over my knee or anyway I want it, you’ll love my firm handed spankings.

Sensory Play

Limiting one sense enhances another, you have heard this but have you ever truly experienced it? Not to the degree that I’m accustomed to.

Seattle Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls, femdom strapon mistress

“Forced” Bi Fantasies

You’ve thought about… Going further than you could alone. So why not get some motivation from a beautiful woman like me? I’m more than happy to invite one of my beautiful friends over.. But you know, there’s always a catch.

kinky event companion, bdsm event escort.

Outings, Events and FMTY

Where are we going? Am I picking? Do you have an event that you need company for? How about we visit that restaurant that I’ve been dying to try? Perhaps a destination? Should we make our adventure spicy? I have some things that might make that walk around the art museum a little more exciting. Think of me as your kinky event companion or your dominatrix on the DL. Don’t worry, I always come dressed to impress and passport ready.

tickling Fetish dominatrix Ruby holds a feather


Nothing is quite as powerful as your entire body betraying you as take complete control, simply by the act of tickling you.


Decadently hamulating and a real challenge of your ego. We both know you adore your Goddess but how far will you go to prove your submission?

Aroma mindfuck femdom porn poppers

Taboo/Edge Play

If you have thought it, so have I. Familiarize yourself with my limits (no harm, no true non consent, etc) and we can discuss what you so desperately long to share.

Foot Fetish

My feet are size 9.5-10. They can dominated your face. They are sft, perfect and always well kempt, unless you beg me to do otherwise (aka, work out first.)

You will worship my feet, adore them and feel the glory of having the privilege of being at my feet., serving me.

Boot/Shoe Fetish

My shoe and boot collection is so huge, there is no way you won’t find something you’ll fall deeply in love with. I have so many iconic pairs, but I’m always adding to my collection. Care to help me grow it or worship my collection?

Leather Fetish

Nothing can take the place of the delicious and intoxicating smell of leather.

seattle wet and messy sessions, seattle sploshing sessions

Wet and Messy Fetish

Think of the satisfaction you get from being messy or cleaning up a mess. Good. Now think about how much better it would be with my instruction.

Seattle dominatrix, femdom mistress and latex model ruby enraylls wears all black in a shoot

Shiny Fetish

Catsuits, corsets, hoods, bondage and more, Oh my! Relish in the feel and look of everything shiny. Latex, PVC, Wetlook, Leatherette, and more!


Fitdommme/Weight Loss

Sometimes you need a little help achieving the goals you set. Perhaps you need motivation, accountability or someone to set your goals for you. I’m always happy to be your motivation.

Sissy Training

Do you need some protocol in your sissy education? Maybe some naughty roleplay where I catch you wearing panties? Even more daringly, I can mind control you to be whatever I want you to be.

Long Distance Domination

Sometimes the perfect Mistress isn’t in your locale or there are limitations that prevent you from seeing her in person. Let’s get to know each other online and I will bend you to my will.

Demonic dominatrix roleplay with Seattle Mistress Ruby Enraylls


Kinky roleplay from the normal fantasies such as teacher/student or nurse/patient to the wildly imaginative such as executrix or giantess. Let’s take on alternative roles and see what trouble we can find.

Dominatrix Ruby in Her Dungeon with her slave

Human Furniture

Be my object of use: my furniture, my shoes.. Be Objectified , have your human elements stripped away. Is an animal underneath, perhaps a doll?

Like all human beings my interests vary wildly from day to day and depending on the person.

The following is by no means definitive list of my skills nor my expertise. I don’t think a list of check boxes can encompass the essence of someone’s energy in person or their style. That being said I do think there is value to be had in a sharing similar vocabulary, even if it’s just a bridge for connection. Each connection is unique and special and sometimes it can be tricky to find the same language.

I’m often asked what my favorite thing is and what a better question to ask to be is “How do you feel about our connection today?”

When it comes to play, getting inside your head and playing with control is my favorite. Finding the right mood for that is where the magic is.