Like all human beings my interests as a rule vary wildly from person to person and from day to day- This is by no means definitive list and by no means a representation of what who I am, this is an example of my abilities a small sampling my interests. I don’t think a list of check boxes can encompass who someone is or their play style but I do think there is some value to be found in a sampling of skills and vocabulary displayed if only to be used as an umbrella term. That being said, some things I enjoy with some folks I may not enjoy with others so as a word of caution please don’t take this list as any type of promise or offering in any way, shape or form.

To complicate things further my favorite things vary from playmate to playmate as well so that is also a difficult question to answer. If you push me I will answer with “connection”, “power”, ” control” or some variant- When it comes to play what matters most is without a doubt connection and I am a power hungry bitch am I not? I jest, somewhat. In all seriousness I crave power, given with consent. 😉