Online Mistress Sessions & Online Slave Training

What is an Online Mistress?

You might be looking for a Mistress or a Dominatrix in your area with little luck or you may need to keep your kinky interests very private for any host of reasons. An online relationship with someone like me is a perfect fit for situations like these. Starting a dialogue with a Dominatrix online first is a great way to get to know her and eventually lead to sessions or a long term Mistress/slave relationship.

I offer a variety of options of distance training that will allow you to serve me, worship me and be trained by me from any location. I am located in Seattle but if you are elsewhere or cannot serve in person, I am happy to make an accommodation for you. Perhaps we will make a connection.

My goal with my online submissives is to maintain existing connections and nurture the D/s dynamic we have. It is my hope that with more of a connection, our bond will grow stronger. I of course hope to curate relationships with new submissives and slaves as well.

What do you do in an Online BDSM Session?

The shortest answer is “anything you can do that translates to text, video or phone formats and agrees with both of your interests.” Personally, I enjoy giving directions nd instructions in a wide variety of formats that cover many fetishes and kinky interests. what are your interests?

online mistress sessions for bdsm slaves

What are your interests?

Some of my favorite types of distance training sessions are behavior modification, directions, online slave training, femdom hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, mind control, conditioning, femdom, creating a female led relationship power structure, long term brain washing, chastity training, slave training, human toilet training, humiliation of many types, CEI, shopping trips for you or me, JOI, edging, orgasm control, cuckolding, scent training, punishment/reward, sissy training, weight loss training, feminization, roleplay, blackmail fantasies, homewrecking fantasies and worship sessions of pretty much all sorts (clothing items, fetishized items and body parts.)

How do I start my online slave training?

For scheduling online sessions only sessions and arranging long term arrangements, use the contact info below to introduce yourself and ask for further instructions.


Phone: 206-486-4960

online slave training sessions by online mistress ruby enraylls

Online Servitude Opportunities

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How much does it cost to be your online slave?

Being my slave is a privilege that isn’t for just anyone. You will need to look at my long term contracts and have an ongoing relationship with me in order to make that fantasy a reality. Until you are ready to commit to being mine and being trained by me, look at my rates for individual sessions below

Is you are ready to be trained as my perfect slave/submissive/plaything, you know how to ask for it..

Texting and Instant Messaging Rates

Texting sessions typically include but are not limited to text roleplay, commands, instructions and comments/rating of your photos.

To include photos with a texting session: 

I do not offer voice notes with texting sessions due to it being limiting. If you are looking for a verbal experience, please see my phone sessions and video sessions. Both of which can be added to a texting session.

Rate per Minute: 30 Minutes/50, 60 Minutes/100

Rate per Minute with photos: 60 Minutes/80, 60 Minutes/160

Ongoing Slave Training

Explore feminization and be trained weekly, be moulded in the perfect slave for me, practice your skills, be brainwashed and even get help with weight loss with fitdomme training.
Weekly training sessions depending on level of involvement: 25-200

Phone Mistress Sessions

Phone Mistress Sessions can be limited by your imagination and whatever space limitations you happen to have. I like to use them for slave training and long distance play.

Rates per Minute: 30 minutes/150, 60 minutes/250

Webcam Sessions

Online Mistress Sessions are a great way to connect with your Mistress and maintain a connection or create a new one and explore your fetish. I love helping people explore BDSM, humiliation and all sorts of aspects of kink such as chastity, feminization, sissy training and slave training,

Rates per Minute: 30 minutes/200, 60 minutes/300