Female Supremacy

female supremacy dominatrix ruby enraylls
What is Female Supremacy?

In Western society men tend to rule; They get higher pay on average, women had to fight for the right to vote and for reproductive rights, women get harassed.. Let’s just say things aren’t equal and I don’t think we can ever expect them to be equal. The idea of female supremacy is that a woman should be in charge, it the concept of a matriarchy plus the power exchange of a D/s relationship.

What does a Female Supremacy Mistress do?

A Female Supremacy Mistress does a lot of the same things an ordinary Mistress does except when play time is over there are beliefs that reach beyond your desire to play. If you engage with a Mistress in this type of lifestyle you would be expected to bend to her will and be compliant under a variety of circumstances. Some that you not necessarily enjoy initially but that you will with time grow to enjoy and appreciate for what they are- Things that please and delight your Mistress.