As a Seattle spanko and Seattle Spanking enthusiast I relish in bending you over my knee and giving you a nice hard swat to start things off. I love making the buns of my spankee glow nice and red for me and making you whimper for mercy. Alternatively, I simply enjoy just giving a good well deserved spanking that wakes you up and perks you up. I think domestic discipline is a wonderful way of instilling a regimen of female dominance and can help give you structure as well as order. A spanking can be a punishment as well as a reward, it just depends on what you deserve, doesn’t it?

I give spankings that range from soft to hard, firm to sensual and everything in between. With my discerning hand and collection of implements, my style is sure to scratch the itch of any spankee. Either way, someones gonna get it.

seattle spanking
seattle spanking mistress sessions

Seattle Spanking Sessions and Styles

  • Corporal Punishment
  • Ruler Spanking
  • Paddling
  • OTK Spanking
  • Bare Handed Spanking
  • Gloved Spanking
  • Diaper Spanking
  • Hairbrush Spanking
  • Paddle Spanking
  • Humiliation Spanking
  • Punishment Spanking
  • Mommy Spanking
  • Roleplay Spankings
  • Long Spanking Sessions
  • Harsh Spankings
  • Sensual Spanking