BDSM Sessions For Women

seattle lesbian dominatrix sessions with Ruby Enraylls

Your Lesbian Dominatrix in Seattle

You’ve probably found yourself here because like myself you are a woman and you are looking for a safe space to explore kink. You are looking for a woman who gets you and someone who will be patient, work with you, hear you and pace with you as needed. Someone who is genuinely interested and someone who wants to connect with you. Connection is key, isn’t it? Well, I’m happy to say that as a lesbian dominatrix, I hear you. I’ve played with women for a long time and I find it hard to find someone to connect with in the scene because although most appeal to couples it’s hard to find someone who takes the time to make the space specifically for women and female identified persons (and non gender binary folks too!) I want to take the time to invite those people into my space.

A bit about me, I am high a femme lesbian dominatrix who likes using her hands and enjoys reaction. I like the thrill of the chase and getting to connect and explore with my partner. Most of all, I enjoy taking a partner who has previously been uncomfortable and creating a great experience for them or helping someone discover new and fantastic about themselves.