Trampling Sessions

Trampling, the immense feeling of the weight from a beautiful woman crushing down on you from above. Pressing, bearing down on you. Sometimes bear foot, perhaps with heels. Digging in and finding your tender points. Seattle Trampling Goddess Ruby knows how to make you squirm under her full weight. You’ll feel so powerless during trampling sessions when I am above you, controlling you with my weight and making you beg for mercy.

I am very experienced at trampling, having had many under my glorious feet and heels and I know how to treat you just like the floor beneath me. Being a trampler and tramplee is a delicate dance that must be carefully coordinated and must not be under taken lightly. Whether you are new to this or experienced I am happy to have you under toe and delighted to show you my style as well as learn from you.

seattle trampling sessions
full weight trampling and facesitting sessions

Skills in Trampling Sessions

Face standing
Chest standing
Chest walking
Leg walking
Bare foot Trampling
Trampling in Heels
Full Weight Trampling