seattle roleplay fetish mistress

I was always a fan of theater, even from a young age. I found myself drawn to playing with voices and different roles, make up, different costumes and exploring making up characters. This led me to making up roleplay characters online and then playing D&D and other tabletop games with my friends. I got into role playing as an expression of self and an exploration of different sides of myself. Sometimes it’s fun to delve deep into an alternate reality and escape whatever your world is and lose yourself for a little while.

My Favorite Scenarios for Roleplay Sessions

Seductive Succubus
Evil Executrix
Boss and Employee
Mistress and Slave
Twisted Therapist
Doctor and Patient
Teacher and Student
Mom and Daughter/Son
Goddess and Worshipper
Owner and Pet
Lady and Maid
Controlling/Abusive Girlfriend
Manipulative Mistress
Mean Sister
Strict Teacher
Baby Sitter

What can you dream up?

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