Seattle Foot Fetish & Femdom Foot Worship Sessions

I offer Seattle foot fetish and Femdom Foot worship sessions by appointment only in Seattle. If you are looking to experience foot fetish for the first time or you have a deep love of worshipping beautiful feet, I am the Mistress for you. I have large, size 10 feet that are perfectly soft and my toe nails are always perfectly painted with polish. I cater to a wide variety of different fetishes relating to feet and on this page you can read about some of them as well as my interests. Keep in mind that each of my sessions is individualized and I have a wide range from sensual to sadistic.

Nothing quite says submission like being at the foot of your Mistress.

Do you like to worship Femdom feet, slave? Good. When you think of your Foot fetish, you are going to think of nothing but my perfect feet of your face. I expect you to worship my feet like you have never worshipped before. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you what I expect from a foot slave like you but what you come to me to explore your hidden foot fetish (or not so hidden,) you are going to truly enjoy everything about feet.

There’s something magical that happens when you’re on your knees, on your back or sitting at my feet. Waiting for my command or my permission to touch, kiss or even just smell my feet. Their soft, perfect skin teasing you into stealing a caress without permission. But your could dare worship my feet without permission would you? You’ll be surprised at how relaxing it is to let your mind go and indulge yourself completely, when my size nine and half feet press into your face finally. At long last. Our eyes lock and you feel compelled to obey your Goddess completely. You find yourself getting wrapped up in the sensuality and overt power there is to be had being at the feet of a powerful woman.
My glossy gel manicured toe nails gliding over your skin will draw you in further and you won’t find a single callous or rough spot. you’ll find yourself getting lost and notice just how good it feels to submit to my feet.

Seattle foot fetish dominatrix Ruby Enraylls and seattle foot worship sessions

Seattle Foot Fetish and Foot Worship Sessions

seattle foot Fetish sessions with foot goddess Ruby, worship her perfect feet.
Worship my feet, schedule a foot fetish session in Seattle

Full Weight Tramping
Foot Worship
Light Trampling

Sweaty foot fetish
Foot Sniffing
Dirty Socks
Dirty Feet
Toe Sucking/Licking
Foot Cleaning
Stepping On
Foot Kissing
Shoe Worship
Dirty Shoe Worship
Dirty Sock Sniffing
Foot Gagging