SawRubyonline New Years Eve…

Been asking her for a5min phone session with no luck, and was suprised she was online on New Years. I asked if she’d be interested in a quick session before she stepped out to meet two girls for dates. What a studette!

Sent her agift cardshe sent some never seen pics, and called me. I stroked to them as she talked naughty to me. What a sexy voice, and I didn’t blow my load cause we started talking normal. She did good at telling me time remaining, like I requested. 5 mins goes fast!

So, I asked if I could do5mins more, and she obliged…

So, I put up my fav pics, and she called back. I made sure I got the job done this time

Damn Ruby isfucking AwEsOmE!!!

~Thanks for a nice New Years treat Ruby

Thisonline sessionis great if you want to worship her from afar, and yet hear her sweet voice in your ear.

Did I mention hervoiceis reeeeeally Sexy