Set up with Ruby was great and added to the experience. We exchanged multiple emails about what I liked and was looking for and what she provided. She was very responsive and professional and made me want to be with her more.

I’ve always been interested in the world of kink and wondered how I might fit into the BDSM equation. It’s not my main cup of tea, but I thought I’d like to do some exploring of sexual territory, and Ruby seemed like a perfect guide.

Incall is private and very very cool. She has spent a lot of time making her space look like a vintage gentleman’s private club.

I was immediately taken with her looks and her poise. She is beautiful, sexy and powerful – and she was wearing a latex dress! Hot!

I wasn’t sure what to do or expect, so she led me over to a comfortable spot for lounging and we proceeded to chat.

The inner space was furnished with a massage table and a gasp inducing array of equipment and bondage gear. I was excited and terrified. She clamped a thick leather collar around my neck when I wasn’t looking which only heightened my feelings of excitement. Restraints were applied quickly and efficiently which allowed me some movement but not freedom. I always thought being tied up would be frustrating to me, but it was exhilarating to have something to struggle and writhe against. She then expertly trussed me assuring me that the slight discomfort would soon turn to pure ecstasy. She was right and I completely trusted her.

The rest of the time was spent with her working me into a state of intense excitement, with pauses and changes to let me ride the feeling. She talked and soothed sexily the entire time. Her voice a constant turn on as well as her words. I shared with her my darkest fantasies, and she purred and coaxed me to give her more. I was only happy to.

As far as what we actually did, nothing was very extreme, but her presence allowed it to take on a new edge for me.

I don’t think BDSM will ever be a mainstay of my sexual appetite. I crave FS too much (a combination of the two is divine. See my previous review of Madeline Clavel), but it was very exciting to take a journey into the dark, and there is no one I would rather do it with than Ruby. I will be back for more for sure.

Thank you Ruby. You are one of a kind.