The Best Hours of My Week and My Life.
Since my first review for Miss Ruby I’ve been lucky enough to be able to see Her on a weekly basis. That’s right, hours every week for 4 months. By far THE best hours of each of those weeks, unquestionably. Every week for four months. Four delectable, deviant, endorphin-filled months. Without exaggeration the best four months of my life. Believe it.

From our first meeting Miss Ruby put me immediately at ease enough to relate to Her my deepest, darkest, kinkiest fantasies. Every time we meet She makes it Her business to turn those fantasies into my new realities. She genuinely enjoys the personal bond She seeks to have during our time. If you are able to be open, honest, and respectful with Her, She will rock your world.

The thing I get my most pleasure from, though, is the personal connection that has grown over time with Miss Ruby. Almost without exception we end our sessions caressing each other. That time at the end of our sessions are what I remember most fondly, and what I seek when returning to Miss Ruby week after week rather than seeking the services of other providers. I used to visit providers to have sex and an orgasm; since seeing Mistress Ruby, there has been no sex (that’s right; no CFS, CBJ,

From what I’ve experienced, Miss Ruby is selective of Her clientele, rewards honest communication and behavior with commensurate pleasure, and earns every iota of tribute humbly offered for Her time. She is a professional in every sense of the word. Moreover, She not just excels at what She does, She enjoys, no, THRIVES upon it. Her sexual aura and carnal energy radiate from Her every moment I’m with Her. Be very grateful if She allows you some of that time, and consider yourself lucky for having the opportunity to also experience Mistress Ruby’s deviant debauchery!