Mistress Ruby Helped Me Get My Mojo Back

I was in a deep funk, after thinking about the type of people I wanted to emulate I ended up looking at, dominatrices, litigation attorneys, etc

First off, I have to say that my admiration for Mistress Ruby is not based on her amazing talent as a dominatrix. No, my very high opinion comes from Mistress Ruby using her unique skill set to help me get my mojo/groove/swagger/whatever-you-want-to-call-it back after it had been neglected to the point of near death.
Let me explain. The past couple of months have been tough: relationship concerns, bitchy coworkers, some other life issues that did not go as well as I hoped – all this piled up to leave me in a pretty deep funk. Not terribly happy with the direction life was going, I started to think about types of people who had the mindset I wanted back and came up with a few options of kick-ass women in the vein that I wanted to mirror: litigation attorneys, dominatricies and, in a category of her own, Sheryl Sandberg. Long story short: the attorneys kind of scared me and I am still waiting for Sheryl to return my call, so that left me with finding a dominatrix who could help me figure out how to take control of my life and get my head back on straight.
Ruby exceeded all possible expectations. She met me for dinner and was incredibly gracious, listening to me whine for a bit about my problems, then gently but firmly told me to suck it up – most of what I was complaining about were issues stemming from my own attitude and responses. Most importantly, she reminded me that men (even good looking, successful men) and good co-workers are a dime a dozen. It is me – a strong, smart, confident (usually), exploratory, boundary-pushing, dominant woman who knows what she wants and has the capacity to get it that is the rarity and unique find. If a man is too stupid to recognize and appreciate that, move on to the next, there are plenty of them lined up. That tweak on how to look at the situation and the straightforward no-nonsense way it was delivered was exactly the kick in the ass I needed. Within a week, I started fixing situations rather than letting myself be a victim of them: replaced a non-appreciative man with another, even hotter version of the last, made my voice heard at work to push through an initiative that had been stalled for months and got my teenager to show some more respect.
I cannot recommend this approach and Ruby enough – if you need to better manage the men in your life, take back control of a situation(s) or simply remind yourself that you are a brilliant, strong woman that men should worship, Ruby is the lady who can get you there! Fair warning though, she is distractingly lovely, so you do have to work to pay attention, not that she would let you get away with being inattentive! Thank you, Mistress Ruby!!