Last week I decided to explore my inner pervert a little bit more and reached out to three different providers with Fetish Ads. After filling out the contact form on her website, I got a text reply from Miss Ruby and then followed up with email with more complete information. She is super easy to communicate with and we arranged a time on a Saturday night. Her place was easy to find, and she received me at her discrete location in the basement entry of a house just north of downtown Seattle.

Wearing a Black latex dress she’d worn in her pictures, with 4” stiletto heels she towered over my 5’11” frame. Gulp. I was soon led to her playroom. Lots of things hanging from walls that I’d only seen in kinky porn flicks. And some pieces of furniture that made me think “really?” Double Gulp.

We sat and started talking. Miss Ruby put me immediately at ease with intelligent, warm, engaging conversation. She asked about what had brought me there and being a bit nervous I yammered on until she said “OK, get undressed.” Triple Gulp.

I’m not close to comfortable in describing the details of our experience but I will put it this way: Miss Ruby ROCKED my world! She had carefully listened and pushed EVERY limit I had brought up. There was constant bliss for what seemed to be hours.

After the allotted time which left me sweating with ecstasy, we collapsed on the floor for a while longer and chatted, rubbed shoulders to loosen up, and continued with a genuine intimate connection. I finally left with what I’d been seeking with many other providers’ “GFE” sessions, except multiplied by 2 orders of magnitude. That night I slept better than I have in ages and had a hugely enjoyable rest of my weekend. I’m lucky enough to have a birthday next weekend and Miss Ruby has already scheduled time for me. I feel like I won the hobbyist’s lottery this time!

Being a Submissive to a Dominatrix isn’t everyone’s gig, I get that. It’s clearly not a good fit for many especially if you’re just looking to bust a nut. No blow-jobs, DATY, CB, RCG, Doggy on your Dom. But, if you have an inkling of Kink I can’t help but give a full 11-Star rating to the experience I shared with Miss Ruby. Passion, Fun, Raw Sensuality, Desire, Fantasy, Satisfaction. All mere words when trying to relate the experience. I found what I was looking for in a Dominatrix with Miss Ruby and have zero regrets. She conveyed zero weirdness (other than being extremely kinky), utmost professionalism, and devilishly deviant skills. I’m hooked and happy for it!