My Mind Kept Wandering About The Possibilities..
I saw a recent post about a voyeur session. I’ve never had anything near this but it got me interested, I replied.

The date was set up. We met at Ruby’s, a very easy place to find. I nervously walked to the door and was greeted by the two ladies who match their photos ever so well! Introductions were made, we sat and talked so they could get a feel of what I was looking for in this session.

I was given a tour of the place and must say Ruby has it quite well stocked with playthings! My mind kept wandering about all the possibilities there. Anyway, we figured out what we were going to do, I hid in another room and the ladies came in to play.

After…10 or so? Ruby looked up and I was found in my hiding place. Lets say I was appropriately punished within the boundaries of what I had asked for. Wow, how intense! After we all cleaned up and caught our breath we sat and talked for awhile. These are two very cool, fun to be around ladies. Everything advertised on her pages is real. I will definitely be returning to see what else might be in store for me there!