For Women & Couples

In my years of exploring BDSM, professionally and non-professionally, I have found that I am the only lady who identifies as a lesbian dominatrix in the Pacific Northwest. Sure, there are many dommes who love couples but I have found that no one is quite as interested in women as I am. That is not to say that I don’t love men as well but I do find the physical form in bondage to be particularly arousing…

I am a high femme, high glam kind of girl who always has her hair, nails and make up done and who is usually wearing heels but I also love to get my hands dirty; I am strong, although I may not look it and I love to throw beautiful around, tie them up and do awful things to them.

If you are reading this page, that means you are looking for a lesbian dominatrix and that you probably like blondes too. Welcome, fair lady and/or lovely couple! Take a gander and soak up what I might like to do to you…

Ruby Enraylls seattle dominatrix
Seattle Lesbian Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls

Fantasy Fodder for Ladies

Yes Miss

You have always wanted to be at the feet of a powerful woman: to do her bidding, to be her toy, to please her and make her proud. Expand your mind, relax and let me take control for a while.

Indie Romance

The lights are dimmed, the music is soft, my fingers roam your body and caress your curves.

Heavy Hitter

Close your eyes, girl. Then, open your mouth. Remember to breathe after every strike of my cane… Each lash of my whip… Every thud of my paddle… Deeper and deeper you will go into an almost meditative state.

Bondage Girl

Spread, shackled, bound, helpless, blissful. Rope is my art form, will you be my muse?

Bend Over, Baby

You saw Secretary once upon a time. Remember the spanking scene? Imagine how far that could go..

Fantasy Material for Couples

The Other Woman

You have always wanted to watch your partner be at the whim of another woman. Will we work together and scheme or do you want to watch?

Payback Pleasure

Your partner has been extremely naughty! Let’s team up together and give them what they deserve!

Together in Servitude

At my feet is where you both want to be, neither of you want control so how about you let me take it from both of you at once.

Good for Teacher

You want to learn from a skilled artist how to dominate your lover and put them in their place. You’ll make a great student.