Online Mistress Sessions

Seeking online Mistress sessions from a reputable online Dominatrix? No problem, I offer a variety of options of distance training that will allow you to serve me, worship me and be trained by me from any location.

My interests in online sessions started when I realized that my submissions were based in more than just Seattle and I wished to maintain connections with them and maintain an ongoing connection and D/s dynamic that persisted beyond our in person time together. I think it’s important to maintain connection and to curate the new ones that we start.

Some of my favorite types of distance training sessions are behavior modification, directions, online slave training, hypnosis, chastity training, general slave training, human toilet, toy shopping trips, JOI, findom, sissy training, weight loss training, feminization and worship sessions.

When you approach me you can expect me to take your needs into consideration, schedule a time that works for both of us. I expect you to be considerate of my time and my constraints. Time demands will be met with a decline.

To start an Online Mistress Session, send an amazon gift card with no comments to [email protected]

Phone Mistress Sessions

Phone Mistress sessions are great for submissives who can’t meet in person and want to explore BDSM and Fetish. Great for those exploring themselves or wanting to connect with a Mistress.

Rates: 30 minutes/100, 60 minutes/200

To arrange a session, please contact me in advance.

Webcam Online Mistress Sessions

Online Mistress Sessions are a great way to connect with your Mistress and maintain a connection or create a new one and explore your fetish. I love helping people explore BDSM, humiliation and all sorts of aspects of kink such as chastity, feminization, sissy training and slave training,

I offer webcam sessions primarily through Discord and Skype. To make arrangements, please fill out my contact form or email me

My rates are: 15 minutes/80, 30 minutes/120, 45 minutes/160, 60 minutes/240

Online Mistress Sessions

For a more direct approach try my email, instant message and texting sessions.

Texting and Instant Messaging Rates
Rates: 15 minutes/40, 30 minutes/60, 60 minutes/100
Ongoing packages also available.

Distance Domination Over Email
Explore feminization and be trained weekly, be moulded in the perfect slave for me, practice your skills, be brainwashed and even get help with weight loss with fitdomme training.
Weekly email training sessions depending on level of involvement: 25-200
online mistress sessions with ruby enraylls are the ultimate in online domination and femdom
dominatrix ruby enraylls in a glamorous mistress with the best taste in domination and femdom and leaves her slaves weak

Submit to Online Mistress Ruby

Email: [email protected]
Text or Whatsapp: 206-486-4960
Snapchat: rubyenraylls

Phone Mistress Sessions
Distance Domination
Webcam Domination
Online Mistress Sessions
Slave Training
Financial Domination
Sissy Training
Small Penis Humiliation
Erotic Manipulation
Body Worship
Foot Fetish
Leg Fetish
Ass Fetish
Body Parts Fetish
Human Toilet
And more

online mistress sessions with ruby enraylls will ruin your life in the best possible way