Looking for a gift for me? How delightfully thoughtful. Perhaps something below will spark your interests. I have listed some things I like, some things I currently want and some things I always need. If you are in need of a shipping address, use my PO box.


My Amazon Wishlist – A Bit of Everything

Wishlistr List – Everything Else Online

Net-a-porter Wishlist – Luxe Stuff, Spoil Me

Etsy Gear Wishlist – Handmade Things/Small Creators

Etsy Clothing Wishlist – Handmade Things/Small Designers

Gift Ideas

Stumped? Here are some ideas for gifts and a little peek into my preferences!

  • I take singing lessons that cost $75 a week, singing and music are a passion of mine.
  • I am always improving my space, (I should write Better Homes and Dungeons) Home Depot Gift Cards are always appreciated.
  • Blondes do it better but being blonde isn’t easy. I go to Gene Juarez, being treated some self care always makes me feel special.
  • I do my nails myself, I buy my polish from Beyond Polish. Care to mani/pedi me?
  • I love make up. Sadly I recently found out that I have Celiac Disease so I have to replace all of my collection. I love shopping at Sephora and Ulta. Bite Beauty, Tarte and Fenty Beauty are also completely gluten free brands.

Favorite Beverage: French Vanilla black tea with cream and sugar or lightly sweetened (nitro) coldbrew.
Favorite Color: Black, Pink, Aqua (like my tattoos) or deep, dark red
Favorite Scent: Black Opium by YSL
Favorite Flower: Stargazer Lilies