Semi Comp and Fantasy Wrestling

Seattle Session Wrestler Ruby Enraylls

I started as a session wrestler just to try it out, I didn’t know much but I had begun taking lessons in a couple different kinds of martial arts. In high school I had taken some self defense classes and I liked to grapple. So I figured, why not? Let’s give this a shot! I loved it. The thrill of a match is so fun! Whether I win or lose is often irrelevant if I’m having fun but I’m generally very competitive and good at what I do, sometimes it’s just about the fight. More so, I enjoy the spirit of a match and the interaction, the fantasy element and feeling someone trapped in my grasp, unable to escape my strong thighs and my even stronger holds!

I’m currently 5’9″, 135 pounds and I can lift way more than my weight!

Check out my wrestling clips on my clips stores and watch me utterly dominate some weaklings who didn’t know what they getting themselves into with a hot Seattle Session Wrestler!

Session Wrestling Favorites

Fantasy Holds
Fantasy Wrestling
Semi Comp
Scissor Holds
Arm Bars
Pin Wrestling
Lift and Carry
Piggy Back Rides