Slave Training

Push yourself deeper and further by devoting yourself to me consistently. Explore tasks in person and online.

Seattle BDSM Slave Training

Devote yourself in my presence and dedicate your time with me into being molded into my perfect play thing. Be put through your paces and given tasks to complete during your time with me and after if you are worthy.

Online Slave Training

Ready to plunge into the world of domination and Femdom? Explore now with my Online Slave Training courses.

Discover your inner most obedience, your deep seeded submission, expand upon your fantasies and your dark desires for BDSM and fetish. With my guidance you’ll find yourself exploring places and things you never thought of and never thought possible and you’ll relish in the experience. You’ll be pushed to new horizons and you’ll thank me for the opportunity to do so.

Submit to me and give yourself over in powerful devotion, find out what pleases me and learn how to be a better you.

I currently offer a Beginners Online Slave Training course, A Feminization and Sissy Training Course, A Chasitity Course and A Blackmail Course.

Beginners Online Slave Training Course
Learn how to best serve me and be a better slave for me through 15 easy tasks. Training includes: Masochism, Obedience, Humiliation and More. Once complete you’ll be ready for more advanced training.

Feminization and Sissy Training Course
Learn the basics of being a good little femme for your Mistress through 15 simple tasks. Once complete you’ll be ready more individual training.

Chastity Training Course
Be trained by me to wear chastity and be obedient, your orgasms will shortly belong to me. Once complete you’ll be ready to wear chastity for longer than before.

Blackmail Training Course
Give yourself over to me through your information, if you do well you’ll be set free from my trap.

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