Booking Information


Seattle dominatrix And seattle bondage educator ruby enraylls

Real Time Sessions

Hand yourself over to me and explore for our time together. Get lost in my world, you won’t regret it.

CV19 Protocol: I am currently scheduling appointments with folks who, like myself are vaccinated.

One hour – 350
Hour and a Half – 450
Two Hours – 550
Three Hours – 750
Four Hours – 1000
Six Hours – 1400
Eight Hours – 1800
Ten Hours – 2000
Twelve Hours – 2500
Twenty Four Hours – 3500
Forty Eight Hours – 5500
Each Additional Day – 2000

Toilet (8am-10am) – Add 300
Duos & More – Varies
Fly Me To You – Minimum Time Requirement & Expenses Covered
Outings – See Page for Details

I currently only accept Cash and Bitcoin. For Online sessions and deposits, contact me to make other arrangements.

Online Sessions

Long distance domination sessions are a great way to show your devotion when you cannot be there in person to serve me.

Phone Sessions – 30 minutes/150, 60 minutes/250
Webcam Sessions – 30 minutes/200, 60 minutes/300
Texting/IM – 30 minutes/60, 60 minutes/100

Monthly Onlyfans Subscription, Individual Videos, Audios and Custom Content also available.

How to Schedule Your Appointment

Please use my contact form to schedule with me. My contact information can be found there, along with some questions that will help me get a good feel for you and your needs. Please take care to read this entire page first as well as my Frequently Asked Questions. If you are curious and need some reassurance, read about my skills and interests. If it is your first time meeting a dominatrix, read my post First Time Anxiety.

Before We Meet

It’s completely natural to be nervous or even anxious but don’t worry. We’ve all been there. I’m not actually evil and you’ll be okay after this. My goal is to have you learn something about yourself and walk away from this experience feeling like you know yourself better and hopefully like you gained something you can bring to future interactions.

Once you have submitted your contact form, I will respond and we’ll settle on when works for both of us. Unless we’ve met before it won’t be the same day, however it’s very likely I will respond promptly to your message. I may or may not request a deposit from you, this depends on many factors.

Screening Policy

If we have not met, some form of screening is mandatory. The options I offer are varied depending on your comfort level and mine but I ask that you be respectful of my time. The easier it is for me to screen you, the easier it is for us to make a connection and more comfortable I will be with you. Use the contact method you feel comfortable with, know that I strive to provide security and confidentiality in all aspects of my practice. The options in my range of preference:

Contact Form or Email – Social Media and Brief Description
Contact Form or Email – References and Brief Description
Text – Social Media and References
In Person Interview (Rates apply)
Phone or Skype Interview (Rates Apply)

Privacy Policy

I take privacy very seriously, any information you give me will not be shared without your consent. I offer methods of communication that are all encrypted for the purposes of privacy, including my form (the delivery mechanism is also encrypted.) Honestly, I have nothing to gain from sharing your information or violating your privacy except complications and inconveniences. I am serious about how I conduct myself and I don’t have time to interfere with your life, nor do I care enough to. Privacy is a rare commodity in our current digital age and I want mine respected just as much as you want yours respected. It’s a mutual thing. This is all just an exercise in trust building.

Confirming Your Appointment

Please confirm your appointment 3 hours before we are supposed to meet. You will get a confirmation email from me 4 hours before our appointment if you used my booking software, otherwise I will expect you to initiate the confirmation by reaching out to me. You may reach out sooner the same day but I will only give directions 3 hours out.
You must contact me to confirm session only then will you receive directions.
If you don’t confirm 3 hours in advance the day of our session (unless pre-discussed) I will consider our appointment cancelled.

Receiving Directions

I will not provide you with directions until after you have followed my protocol for confirmations. This is to maintain discretion and my comfort. You will not be given directions days before our appointment. If you need a very general location for planning purposes, please clearly state that.

Important Reading

I am located in a residential area of Seattle and it is very critical to be courteous of other people in the neighborhood. I highly value maintaining a good relationship with my neighbors so discretion and lack of disturbance are elements are important to me. Please follow my directions exactly. If you arrive early, do not sit in your car or loiter. If you have taken an Uber, the same applies. There are plenty of nearby businesses that you can wait at. When you are leaving, I ask that you are equally courteous. For example: Don’t sit in your car for an extended period of time, don’t wait outside of my location and don’t run laps either. If you’re waiting for an Uber, please do so at a nearby business.


Once you arrive, I will greet you and I’ll expect you to remove your shoes. It is important to discuss limits, any triggers you may have and any health issues. It is also extremely important to note that every interaction is extremely variable and dependent on flow, connection, the relationship. This is an adventure and a journey, from here on out it is an organic and unique thing that cannot be laid down on paper. I hope that you will entrust yourself to me in servitude and submission.

What You Can Expect

When you arrive, I generally like to take time to get to know who you are. Connection and compatibility is key to me, beyond the constraints of the dungeon. Curating and nurturing your trust in me is a critical step as we step into the realm of BDSM and a potential D/S relationship. If it is unknown territory to you, I want you to understand that although you may be nervous and things may seem intimidating- You chose to be under my considerate thumb I am going to guide you carefully.

Thank you for your consideration.

-Seattle Mistress Ruby Enraylls