The Commandments

How to Schedule

If you are new, there’s a page that walks you through best practices for how to schedule. Good pets read instructions. That page is my “New Clients Page”.

If you are returning, you can contact me via my express form or use whatever contact method e were previously using. If you need a refresher on protocols, check out my “Returning Clients Page” for a briefing.

Screening Info

Screening is critical for my safety and comfort and it’s actually important for you too. Would you want me to be completely undiscerning about who I see? I don’t think so.
However, I do offer a wide variety of options that allow you to keep your info off the net if that makes you uncomfortable. I completely understand the concern and want you to be comfortable as well. You can find that information by visiting my “New Clients Page”.

Behavior Protocol

When in my presence and leading up to actually meeting it is important to follow some simple guidelines such as how to treat my space and interact with me. To find this information please refer to my “First Meeting Page”.


For policies about deposits and when they are appropriate, please refer to my “Deposits Page”.


For information about cancellations, no showing, etc please visit my “Cancellations Page”.

Location Info

Location is important to everyone, it determines how easily accessible something is. Unfortunately I don’t give my exact location until things are pretty set in stone. I do have some approximate travel times listed from some major destinations however. That information can be found on my “Dungeon Page”.


Basic rules for conduct in my dungeon are as follows:
No drugs, no weapons, please take off your shoes, ask before touching, if you break my things you’re responsible for it, be gentle with my toilet (delicate/tricky plumbing and I will have to fix it myself if you break it.) There are some further elaborations of protocol that can be found on the “New Clients Page”.


My limits are set out here, please be respectful of them. To see my hard limits please see “My Limits Page”. They are for my safety and my comfort as well as your comfort. Communicate your limits to me as well. I understand that if you are new you may not understand your limits yet, that’s okay. If something isn’t okay, please communicate it to me. More about safewords can be found on my “The First Session Page”.


I am not a doctor, not a therapist, I won’t have sex with you, etc. You should also understand that with any BDSM related activity there is some kind of risk. Some activities have more risk than others, I do my best to be educated and to have emergency plans as well as gather information from you to avoid disaster but this is a collaboration. Please work with me and trust me when I guide you away from something, I have a lot of experience in spotting potential issues. I do not think you’re weak because you can’t do something, I just value you and don’t want you to get hurt.

In the event that you unfortunately do get hurt or are in pain that feels unusual, please inform me. I feel quite responsible for your wellbeing when you are with me and will be very upset if you tell me that after the fact you got hurt. I will be even more upset if you never tell me and I hear about it second hand. It’s easier if you just tell me, chances are I will have a solution for you that will help remedy the situation. I also ask that you don’t abuse that aspect of my caring nature.

How to Get Gold Stars

Read all the instructions I have taken the time to write for you, follow them, be on time, be reliable and be communicative, be honest and be forthcoming.

Pretty simple, right?