The First Session


First and foremost, in order to keep your appointment you must reach out to me and confirm your appointment 3 hours before we have arranged to meet. If you cannot contact me 3 hours before, please inform me or simply contact me earlier in the day. At that time you should confirm when we are set to meet to avoid any confusion.

If you don’t confirm in a timely manner (less than 3 hours) you have cancelled. Please refer to my cancellations page for more information on how that applies to you.


I will not provide you with directions until after you have followed my protocol for confirmations.

I am located in a residential area of Seattle and it is very critical to be courteous of other people in the neighborhood. I highly value maintaining a good relationship with my neighbors so discretion, low impact and lack of disturbance are elements that are highly prized by me.

If you arrive early, do not sit in your car. There are plenty of businesses nearby for you to patronize them, I am happy to make recommendations. If you prefer a more interactive experience, there are lovely views to see if you choose to get some exercise.

I personally find it alarming when I walk around and find people just sitting in their cars, I do not wish to contribute to the general anxiety of the neighborhood.

When you approach, do not dawdle outside. Just come directly to my door. My instructions are very specific so make sure you read them carefully before leaving. Follow them precisely, I am not exact without due cause.

Standard Behavior Protocols

Once you are in my presence, I will expect you to take off your shoes before leaving my foyer.
I will instruct you to sit, without any prompting or discussion I will expect you to place your tribute to me on the tray next to the couch. I will not discuss this with you at any point.

My preferred title is Mistress, although you may call me Goddess if you prefer or Ma’am if the occasion so calls for it. Do not call me pet names. (Eg: Baby, sweetie, honey)

Do not touch me without asking first or unless you have gotten explicit permission prior.

I prefer to play with non-verbal safewords, I find that words are often limiting for a wide variety of reasons. In this case I will hand you something you can use to indicate to me that you need to pause the scene for any reason or stop it altogether.

If you are more comfortable with verbal safewords, the default safeword I use is Red. However I respond to plain English as well, particularly in cases when safewords haven’t been established at any point. As in if you want to stop, say “stop” or “no”. Additionally, there isn’t an expectation for you to know the default safeword if we haven’t discussed it.

Please leave your cellphone, tablet, smart watch, etc in the foyer.