My Limits

This page contains the broad strokes of things that are absolute hard limits for me. I am a fairly open minded person and I find myself with difficulty telling people that their fetish or fantasy is not okay. I like to think of myself as a safe space for expression and self discovery, discussion is a huge portion of this. That being said, the things listed here I think are very important guidelines for maintaining healthy boundaries as well as a healthy mindset around yourself and others.

Hard Limits

1) No sex

2) Absolutely no one under 18, ever

3) No animals

4) Nothing that permanently injures or harms you nor anyone else

5) Nothing that encourages or promotes harm against anyone else

6) No involvement, directly or indirectly of anyone against their will

7) No roman showers


1) I am serious about this. My body is off limits to you. If you are interested in this, pursue someone else.
2) This requires no explanation whatsoever. There is a warning on the front of this site that says no one under 18, it means no one under 18. If you aren’t 18 GTFO. I check ID’s if you look young at all.
3) Furries I am down with but the conversation about animals and consent is complicated. Since we cannot talk with them, there is no way to settle it.
4) I have had many people ask me to alter them or even end them. I do not wish to do this because I believe in doing no harm to others. I cannot in good conscious change your body when you may change your mind about it in the future. Tattoos, etc fall outside of this but that is a completely different discussion, as does something like corporal punishment, play piercing, etc. As well as activities you personally have engaged in a multitude of times previously and are well aware of the risks or have more than likely encountered them. In short, I don’t really want to be responsible for doing any irreparable to your body or life on a physical or social level. That being said, I do play with edge play, so take that for what it’s worth.
5) Again, I believe in doing good in the world. I cannot in good conscious encourage you to do something that is harmful to someone else. I’m comfortable talking about it if you have feelings about it because I believe my space is a safe space to express feelings of all kinds. However, I will not encourage you to do things that are harmful to others.
6) I believe consensual non consent in play is okay but things like bringing a partner who wouldn’t consent or doing things in public that are obscene are in poor taste (dressing up, leashes, other subtle play not included.) I believe that anyone who is going to be involved has the right to consent.
7) I have no issue with this as a kink but I highly value my teeth as a part of my appearance and don’t wish to cause then unnecessary damage. If I happen to be vomiting anyways, I see no issue with it.