Dungeon & Equipment

Seattle Dungeon


In my safe little corner of the world you will find yourself feeling cozy and comfortable due to the homey and intimate space I have created with the use of deep red hues, gold accents and lots of restored antique furniture. My den is nestled in a very discreet, residential part of Seattle that is on just busy enough to draw any attention but quiet enough to be private. Just off of a main street near Fremont, but not exactly (for privacy reasons) where free parking is usually easy to come by. My dungeon is the perfect haven for Seattle BDSM and fetish delights, you will find yourself comforted by warm red hues and golds.

My expansive entire floor plus garden of hedon is located on the ground floor of an old Victorian era house that has been well maintained and very well loved by me. Although I do have neighbors, they keep to themselves and I have an upstanding reputation in the community for being helpful, quiet and out of the way. I ask that you uphold my reputation for me.

My space has several rooms: A full bathroom with hand tiled stone floors and gigantic jetted tub, an entry room, a luxurious and comforting lounge with a fabric pleated ceiling, an office, a snack area, a bondage wall, a dungeon of delights and a wonderful little secluded play area and meditation room.

My kingdom is unfortunately not handicap accessible but it is: Smoke free, pet free (I have 2 cats that live up stairs but they do not come down), hypo allergenic, free street parking, hepa filtered, completely latex free and humidity controlled.


Equipment & Furniture

Heated & Adjustable Massage Table
Cold Steel Milking Table
Large Dog Sized Pet Cage
Small Plexiglass CBT Table
Ceiling Hard Points
Thick Solid Wood Bondage Board
All Steel, Spread Punishment Chair
Mobile Metal Rack
Solid Steel Upright Cell Cage
Steel & Padded Spanking/Fuck Bench
A Lovely Jetted & Heated 7 foot Tub

Bondage Equipment
ROPE; Hemp, jute, synthetic, cotton and silk in many lengths
Spreader bars; variety of lengths in wood and steel
Shackles in steel, attached to bars and non-attached
Tie down points on various furniture
Heavy Leather cuff sets
Several gauges of chain
Tons of Locks
Collars and leads in leather, nylon, chain and rubber

BDSM Equipment
Leather and synthetic hoods in full face, open mouth, open eyes and locking varieties
Blind folds in velvet, nylon and leather
The Magic blind fold by Scott Paul
Ball gags; Red large ball, black small ball, locking, non locking
Dildo gags; Inflatable and locking
Puppy play gag
Strap on harnesses in leather, plastic and vinyl; Black, red, purple and clear
A very large dildo collection in different sizes; Length 4 inches to 36, width 1 inch to 9 inches
Plugs in various sizes
Chastity Devices

S&M Implements
Clover Clamps
Pinch Clamps
Clothes Pins; Plastic, metal and wood
Single Tails; 2 foot, 3.5 foot, 4 foot, 5 foot, 6 foot and 9 foot
Riding Crops; standard, novelty, dressage whips, short crops, rubber crop, punishment crop
Canes; plexiglass, carbon fiber, pine, nylon, leather, novelty, oak, bamboo
Paddles; Metal, wood, leather, bullet proof glass
Unusual Impact Toys
Vampire Gloves
Floggers; Various leathers ranging from very light to very heavy

Electrical Toys
Neon Wand
Stun Guns
Cattle Prod
Tens Unit
Violet Wand
Devil’s Toy
Dog Shock Collar

Feminization Items
Wigs in all colors
Stockings and tights
Full Outfits
Make Up
False Breasts
Breast Pump

Medical Equipment
Cupping Kit
Needles (6g-30g)
Knives and Scalples
Suture Kits
Enema Kits
Blood Draw Kits
Diabetic Diagnostic Tools
Feeding bags

ADBL Items
Stuffed Animals
Coloring Books
Finger Paints
Baby Food

Massage & Wellness Items
Hypo-allergenic Oils, creams, lotions and potions
Moisture masks
Foot & nail treatments
Salt Soaks provided by Bokek
Sugar scrubs
Salt Scrubs
Tens Units
Tuning Forks
Acupuncture Needles
Cupping Kits
Aroma Therapy
Straight Razors & Shaving Gear
Normal Steel Razor
Electric Razor & Shears
Waxing Kits