Mistress Ruby’s Fantasy Ideas

One of my primary interests is creating a safe space for the fetishes and fantasies of the people around me to come to life. Allow me to help you create your fetish entertainment and turn your deepest desires into art.
Seattle mistress ruby enraylls in a scrumptious outfit to torment her victims
Seattle mistress ruby enraylls will punish you if you don't do as you
Seattle mistress ruby enraylls is quite tempting indeed

Superior Woman

You may not be up to the challenge, but I am always raring to go. Can you handle a real woman with a real passion for Femdom?

Bound and Not Stirred

Tight ropes encase your form, hoisting you up to the ceiling while you balance on your tip toes. Your sense are removed to force you to focus on all the sensations around you. It is becoming overwhelming but you can only struggle so much, suddenly you are gagged and now you can’t even cry out…

Punishment for The Plaything

Whips, chains, canes, floggers, impact, pressure points, OH MY! You’ll be pushed and pushed and pushed again to the edge of what you think you are capable of handling. When you break, I’ll be there to hold you and pat your head, pull you back together and encourage you to go a little further.

Just a Taste

You don’t know where you fit into kink, you’ve often wanted to explore but never really taken the plunge. Perhaps it wasn’t the right time or maybe it all seemed too intense or too harsh. Just relax and be in the moment with me. We’ll explore together at just the right pace.

Muscle Bitch

Move over, bud! You aren’t top dog here! If you aren’t careful I’ll throw you to the ground, pin you between my thighs, slam you in a headlock, grab you and throw you over my shoulder or maybe land some blows if you’re naughty. I was a bouncer after all. Oh, did I mention that I’ll do it all in heels?


You’ve always been a little whore all on your own, you don’t need me to train you. You’re ready to show the world! Put on your favorite outfit, lipstick, hood, gag or panties then sign the model release and we’ll start filming. If you’re lucky, maybe your clip will go viral!

Peeping Tom

You sneak into my dungeon, not knowing what you are getting yourself into.. I bet you like the idea of watching, don’t you? Maybe you just want a damn good show. Either way, you get that show but unfortunately you get a little too excited and give yourself away… What will happen next?

Sole Goddess

Let the world fade away once you step past the threshold. Set down your things, get on your knees and allow touch to do the talking; Kiss, Lick, Suck, Massage, Caress, Adore, Touch, Worship.. Good slave, my feet need to be adored after all the work they’ve been doing ruling the world!

Ruby’s Sissy School

With my help you will learn how to be a pretty, obedient girl; You’ll learn how to pick a bra, wear stockings, put on make up, cook, clean, shut your mouth, not talk back and be the perfect girlfriend!

Bimbo Training

Well done, little tramp! You’ve done well! Now you will start to become a bimbo or doll. Through strict protocol I take full control over your mind and brainwash you. I slowly wipe away any thoughts or opinions and create an empty space for you to exist in harmony. Isn’t this nice? Then I slowly open you and wreck you through exhaustive sessions and delightful expeditions and finally, parade you around for for my amusement.

Slave Training

You want to be a good boy for me, don’t you? You want to please me and worship me the way that I deserve? You want to make me smile and do everything I ask of you even if it’s difficult. You wouldn’t say no, no matter what I asked… Right? Or at least you’d consider it.

Chastity Forever

You have no need for carnal desires when you’re in service to your Goddess. Or at least they should be controlled by me and you should be giving me the key to your little castle.

Everything from Your Goddess

My spit, my dirt.. everything that comes from body belongs in your mouth and it is your honor to consume it. You are nothing but a little a slave at my feet. Isn’t it an honor to be just in the presence of a true Goddess? You’re lucky you get to breathe the same air as me.

Sensual Seduction

Sometimes you need to be seduced into submission with silky lingerie and a wink and smile before being bound tightly and give up control. I know it’s so hard to surrender sometimes but you’ll forget all about that when I’m distracting you.

Intoxicating Mind Games

I’m in your head, it’s so hard to shake. I’m under your skin and you can feel my influence everywhere you go. I’m intoxicating and controlling you. You can’t stop thinking about me to matter what you do. Maybe I did something evil to you and got under into your brain.

Fear no Evil

You are troubled, something isn’t quite right and you’re just plodding along. What are your fears? What terrorizes you? Let’s explore that together and eroticize all that darkness. Edge play strictly designed around inducing fear and terror; Let your worst fears become reality. The opposite of pleasure isn’t pain, it’s apathy. It’s time to stop numbing and start living again.

Hello, Nurse!

Have you been a good boy or a bad one? Did you miss your check up with the nurse last month? Naughty, naughty. The lovely Doctor Ruby is displeased. Now, relax while I strap you in to my OBGYN table then turn your head and cough.


Come here, lay down and listen to the sound of my voice. Relax, close your eyes and be at peace, fall deep within yourself and let’s explore what we find in there. You will find yourself obeying me without a second thought. Until finally.. I disarm you and sink deep under your skin while programming you to obey my every whim.

Surrender Yourself

Give yourself over to a woman in control. Bend to my every whim and let me shape you. Bow at my feet when you are not at the mercy of prying eyes and let who you are deep down come out at long last. You will arrive and strip then fall to your knees and place your head at my feet, waiting for my instruction- Allow your mind to finally go blank and let me dictate that pace.

The Full Bubba

Last but not least, an experience that I like to refer to as “The Full Bubba.” TFB can be described as a rough kidnap and/or intense roleplay that simulates a real kidnap/rape (van included in certain situations.) Essentially, you get the privilege of being my bitch.

Teenage Nightmare

There was a hot girl in your class or maybe your daughter’s friend in high school that you always had eyes on who was always a little bossy but seductive.. You always wondered what would happen. Today, you finally have some alone time with her and she is wearing one of those short skirts again except it’s not what you expected. Suddenly she pulls out this weird harness and wait, hold on, no no.. That is a dangerous look in her eyes.. Now you can’t say no to her.