Month: March 2014

My Birthday Is In April, Want to get me a gift?

Yes, in case you’re wondering this is just a shameless request for people to buy me shit that I can’t validate spending the money on to buy them for myself. I will not be disappointed if I don’t receive anything for my birthday but I figured that I would put my dream list on the internet in case anyone felt so inclined to spoil me fucking rotten. Also, I added some pretty pictures at the end of this post so that it wasn’t a wasted click in the event that you don’t feel inclined to drop hundreds of dollars on me. 😛 Deluxe Bondage Chair in black: Queening Stool in black: Tria Laser 4X Deluxe Kit: Twisted Monk’s Monk Set in Crimson: Coach Madison Pinnacle Carrie Satchel in Love Red: ErosTek ET312B Deluxe Kit: Malies Dekkers Leading Strings Bra, size 34C: I also have an Amazon Wishlist: That’s enough whining for now unless you want to install drywall for me, I would be pleased with that too. Or if you wanted to install pavers in my yard.   Seriously, I’m done now. Here are some pictures.