Day: September 27, 2014

Praise: Need a Software Upgrade?

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy.

I’ve been mulling around how to write this review for awhile, and I hope it will do the session justice.

First the mechanics, set up was easy. I had the pleasure of doing a meet and greet a few weeks before the session, a nice dinner and drinks. I didn’t have time to see her that night, but I wish I had. When I was able to get my schedule aligned with hers we finally met up. Leading up to the meeting we texted back and forth which allowed us to get to know each other better and start building a real connection. That genuine connection carried through our session and time together.

Miss Ruby was extremely generous with her time and she was more than true to her FBSM menu. Our time together was far more than any set of menu items, or experiences. In many ways, I don’t have the words to describe the experience, but it transcended far beyond anything I’ve experienced in the hobby. Ruby has a gift with her hands, and in many ways, she can ‘see’ the dysfunction in your body. She has a true gift for body work, and she was able to make corrections to the way my joints and muscles functioned. My joints hurt significantly less than they did before.

Just as she is gifted with her hands, she is also gifted with her mind, sensuality, and empathy. She put me completely at ease (which any of the other ladies I’ve seen can tell you is no small feat). She tapped in to parts of my psyche that I didn’t understand even existed. She helped me see a side of me that I had buried and ignored. The work through our discussions, emotions, and feelings gave me a new perspective on myself.

If you’re looking for a connection, physically, emotionally, and mentally Miss Ruby is the woman for you. Respect her, and treat her right and she will leave you feeling undeniably better than when you met and you will want more.

Praise: Sensual Foot Fetish

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy.

Ruby and I have chatted a little via emails over the last couple of weeks and I have to say that my growing interest in her was due in part to her sense of humor and just her overall take on life. Plus she is a sexy and intelligent woman who owns hundreds of high heel shoes, SOLD! She also has a pretty impressive website, it’s got lots of great pics (the pretzel pose is my fav!) and it also has various services to choose from. I opted for more of a fbst kind of session which was perfect because she’s a very sensual provocateur. She is also a dominatrix and some of her fantasy scenarios are not for the faint at heart! < --> sidebar: Will someone please do the slut training and let me how it goes!

At my request she let me know in advance that she was coming to Portland, so I scheduled days ahead in anticipation of finally meeting her. Boy was it worth it! If you’re a fan of sensual and mutual touch, with a little femdom thrown in, she will curl your effin toes! She made me squirm like no other and enjoyed every minute of it. Her eyes are piecing and her smile is wicked, but her propensity for giving pleasure, whether it be through domination or relaxation, is truly from the heart. For me personally, having someone as gorgeous as her whisper naughty things my in my ear, is one of life’s sweet treats.

..and her kisses, fuggetaboutit!

Praise: Brunch with Ruby

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy.

I was really looking forward to this – Ruby and I had never met, but we had corresponded about shared kinky interests for some time, and this seemed to be a relaxing session format to finally meet in person.

Nerdy and I grabbed some goodies at the market on the way out the door from an overnight we’d just spent together, and headed over to Ruby’s dungeon space.

When we arrived, Ruby and Chayse were both already there, and looking quite lovely, especially at that early hour of the day (well, OK, it was noon, but that’s early for me, and I suspect many of the rest of the folks there…).

We plopped down on some comfie pillows, and had an actual brunch while we all chatted about kink, life, the universe, and whatnot. They mocked me a bit for drinking about a gallon of water and fruit juice, but I had a sneaking feeling that I’d want to be well hydrated… Ruby also while we all were chatting used her quite talented bodywork skills to rip out some tight muscles and adhesions she noticed I had, so I’d be all limber, in case we might play 🙂 By the end of brunch we had relaxed enough that Ruby gave me a tour of her dungeon, which is quite a nice setup, and has some very well thought-out features. It is a versatile and inviting space.

We all retired to one of the play rooms, and the games began.

The night before, Nerdy had come up with the idea of some sort of competition between Ruby and I to see which of us could make our play partner orgasm the most. Nerdy and I paired off against Ruby and Chayse, and the results were incredible. Everyone in that room, myself included, are quite multiorgasmic, and quite loud, and full of energy. Most of us were very empathic, feeding off of and giving back energy. It was stunning. I spent a good bit of time climaxing simply from feeling Chayse’s reactions to Ruby.

When the dust settled, Ruby and I had sort of worn out our partners, and Ruby looked a bit disappointed. She said “am I the only one with any energy left?” I sheepishly raised my hand, to indicate I was perhaps up for more. Her eyes glittered as she snapped on a glove and said “well then….assume the position”. And then she proceeded to do to me basically what she’d just done to Chayse, while I held onto Nerdy as my safety blanket. It is the rare person on first meeting that I will allow to engage in the festivities Ruby unleashed upon me, but having watched her with Chayse I felt perfectly safe and confident in her abilities.

After I could no longer move, we all sort of sat around gently massaging each other and chatting. I am pretty sure Ruby could have kept going another whole day though, she’s a force of nature.

Chayse and Ruby were both fun ladies to get to talk and play with, and I’d happily see them again anytime, for most any sort of scene from kink to vanilla. Great energy from them both, great skills, and very good observation and care of their playmates – everyone played safe.

And Nerdy was so much fun, and it was wonderful that she could set this brunch/kinkfest up on such short notice. When our brunchtime play was done, Nerdy and I returned to her abode, where, honest-to-Crom, we played some *more*, Nerdy having me gently help her try out some fun practices she was interested in. This lady has truly an endless appetite, and is so sex-positive and communicative that it is silly fun to hang out with her and experiment. Speaking of appetite, after all this, we then snuck out for dinner nearby, and then she sent me on my way. If I hadn’t had to be up at 5am the next morning, I think she would have kept me overnight, I don’t think she was remotely done with her “all the thingz” list 🙂

I am sure we will have other opportunities.

Folks, if you get a chance to play with any one of these ladies, take it. Two of them at once would be incredible fun. All three together, well, eat your Wheaties, but boldly leap at the opportunity.

Praise: Wow! Time with Mistress Ruby

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy.

I can’t even begin to describe the time I spent with Ruby! She is an amazing young woman.

She welcomed me I’m and we had an amazing conversation getting to know a bit more about each other.

I was very nervous and ready to get right to the main event. But she quickly put me at ease and helped me see how the conversation and connecting would make the rest of our time that much better.

She is so nice. I guess as a Dom I expected her to be more harsh, perhaps even mean. But she was exactly what I didn’t know I needed

She was direct, demanding and yet gentle. And she took direct control.

After our conversation and me following her commands to disrobe we sat down and talked a bit more.

We had a lot more fun. And even more great conversation to wrap up the day!

I can’t say enough good things about Ruby. What a fantastic woman.

And I hope she will allow to see her again and we can see where things go

Praise: BDSM with a Twist

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy.

This is my second review of Ruby. She is of such a high order I felt it inappropriate to keep this to myself.

I have seen Ms. Ruby on several occasions. There are no adequate words to describe her… exquisite might be close, but still is shy. She is a warm, kind, sensual being that is hardcore BDSM. Although I am not into BDSM I can tell you she has EVERYTHING. If I was into it she would be my choice hands down. Her dungeon is in Seattle in a safe and quiet neighborhood. It is very clean and well appointed. On every occasion she builds an amazing experience.

She is very versed in anatomy and physiology and it is obvious. She knows just what to do and the best way to do it.

Thank you, Ruby for so many phenomenal experiences. You will never be forgotten.